Top five offbeat things to do at Napa Valley

Some travel for holidaying while some travel to create memories. If you are more like the one looking for things that do not catch everyone’s eyes and things that give you an adrenaline rush, then visit Napa Valley and go for the activities that fewer people know of. Napa Valley unfolds its beauty with every step you take. The more you dive into what Napa Valley has to offer you, the more you fall in love with the surrounding, Food, Adventure, Art, this place offers you everything.  Feeding your travelling soul, along with a luxurious stay at Napa vacation homes, you can give the flavours of the following things a taste to appease your wanderlusting, adventurous heart. 

Art walk across the Valley

You don’t need to step inside a museum or a gallery, walk by the street and you will see the amazing creations by the artists of western United States. The Art walk that was debuted in the year 2009 saw a massive participation of artists from different places. The biannual, rotating sculpture is created by the artists and the art walk got a name recently in the year 2017, “Shifting perspective”. 

Culinary Institute of America

If you are a foodie, then to get yourself charged gastronomically visit the Culinary Institute of America. Also known as CIA, the institute is a must visit for the one who loves to cook or eat. The institute organises cooking classes that cover everything with a motto of eating healthy. They also make gluten-free goodies. Learn some Spanish or Italian dish from the chefs who teach at CIA. 

Into the wild

A small walk through the wilderness or a quiet place for a small picnic, Skyline Wilderness Park is the perfect destination for all such activities. The 850 acres long park offers you to camp, hike and explore. Deer, wild turkeys, geese wandering around is a common sight inside the park. The entry fee is $5 which includes parking and you can be rest assured to have a wonderful time inside. 

Organic Farm Tour

Napa Valley is not just about the wineries and vineyards; an extensive area is used for small and big farmhouses that must be on your wishlist to attend when you plan your trip to Napa Valley. With innumerable farms and gardens and about 125 restaurants to choose from, dining here is going to be a big deal. So if you had only planned for some vineyards visits, plan some farm visits along with it.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The stunning Napa Valley view is assured when you get into that Hot Air Balloon ride. This high altitude air sport is quite popular in the Napa Valley region and if you are up for adventures, this one is a must-do activity for you. The incredible vistas which you will be able to see from a bird’s eyes’ point of view will surely take your breath away. Local tourism agencies also offer other air sports for the tourists which you can surely try out.