The Best Dishes of Russian Cuisine

Russia is a truly amazing country. It is a center of Slavic ethnicity. Russian culture, history, and of course, people are unique. Being one of the biggest countries in the world, Russia has a lot to offer. Russian cuisine is definitely quite exquisite, known for its rich taste and delicious aroma. People in Russia honor their old traditions. Without any doubt, traditional cuisine can say a lot about a country. Russian cuisine is as rich as Russia itself. Read on to know more about Russian national cuisine.


Borshch can be considered a signature dish of Slavic cuisine. It is famous around the world. A beet-root soup with meat that is definitely one of a kind. Borshch is one of the tastiest soups in the world. It is tasteful and substantial. There are many ways to cook it but getting the recipe right requires care and attention. Lamb is traditionally considered to be the best meat to put in Borshch. Other ingredients include beet-root which is its main component, potatoes, cabbage, onion, garlic, and sour cream as well as spices.

Varenyky or Dumplings

Varenyky is a kind of dumpling stuffed either with meat or potatoes with onion. Varenyky is one of the most famous Russian dishes. They are usually served with sour cream and herbs. You can also eat sweet varenyky with cherries or strawberries. Boiled in water, Varenyky don’t take much time to cook.


Pirozhki are savory patties. Unlike dumpling that are boiled, pirozhki are fried or baked. There are hundreds of different kinds of pirozhki. They can be with filled with chopped meat, potato, vegetables or fruits. The most popular are the ones with cabbage or potatoes. 

Russian Pancakes

All over Russia, people are crazy about pancakes. They can be stuffed with jam or just be covered with butter. Either way, they are simply delicious. Some of the most exotic recipes include caviar, ham, and cheese. 

Russian Salad

Russian salad also known as Olivier is a single most popular salad in Russia. It has many different variations but its most common components include eggs, cucumbers, peas, meat, and mayonnaise. Even though this salad was originally created in France it is most commonly known in Russia. It is considered to be a traditional New Year and Christmas dish. It is really tasteful and nutritious. 


Shuba is a fish salad made from salt herring. Another essential ingredient is beet-root. This is second most popular salad in Russia after Olivier. Sometimes caviar is also used to stuff the salad. Whether with or without it, Shuba is quite salty but in a good way. 


Shahlyk is traditional and made with pork and grilled on fire. It should be marinated a day before to bring out the taste. In simple words, Shashlyk is like a Russian barbecue. It is the most popular dish for camping. Using fire and special marinating techniques brings out the best and rich taste of meat. 

All in all, now you know the most popular and tasty Russian dishes. Most of them are served in restaurants around the world. Visiting Russia, you can access to find somebody to take along on a restaurant tour with you. Traditional Russian cuisine is great because it is unique and original. It is just like nothing else you’ve ever tried. Russian people like substantial food. Everything you’re going to try will make you fill satiated. So, don’t order much as the portions are huge as Russians like to eat a lot. Just don’t forget to use a lot of sour cream with your varenyky, borshch, and pirozhki.