Creating Memories With Insta Photo Book From PhotoJaanic

My best childhood memories are of good old times spent looking at photo albums, where every photo spoke a thousand words. Sunday afternoons were reserved for nostalgia at my home as we went through our photo collections while munching on delicious goodies. Somewhere, amidst digitization, precious photographed moments remained locked up in mobile devices and hard drives. Nowadays, we rarely get photos printed even though they offer a refreshing break from looking at photos on screens and can be turned into wonderful things - like a photo book. Photo books are a great way to showcase our most beautiful moments in a creative manner and help organize our photo collection. Just like my first ever insta photo book that has got me very excited and I am sure you guys will love it too!! Food plays an integral part in my happy moments and let me tell you a little more about my first ever experience of photo book printing.

What exactly is a photo book?

Simply put, photo book is a customized book where photographs make the primary contribution to the overall content. Photo books can be easily designed and ordered online with your favorite photographs stored in devices or even social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and more. The concept is becoming popular across the globe with many websites offering great options to put together unique photo books. One needs to choose a theme to give structure to the photo book and tell a story!

In Love With My Insta Photo Book

What I absolutely love about my insta photo book is that it is a beautiful way to savor delicious moments spent in the company of good food and good mood. A great way to showcase my portfolio of work, my insta photo book doubles up as a coffee table book too. 

My journey as a food blogger has been a roller coaster ride and some moments have stayed with me forever. Sweet nothings whispered over a favorite glass of cocktail, a stolen glance across a table filled with gorgeous food and banter, special occasions celebrated in elegant ambience, the tingling sensation while relishing our favorite dessert and being in foodie heaven after finishing a lip-smacking dish, the list is endless. A few of my favorite recipes re-created from kitchn also seemed a good addition in the insta photo book.

How To Create an Insta Photo Book With Photojaanic  

After an easy sign up process on photojaanic, select the type of photo book between hardcover and softcover options. Play with different themes till you choose the one you like, my choice was “Minimal” theme in a hardcover 8X8 option. I really enjoyed playing with different options and added text, backgrounds and more. An easy option is to simply import photos from your Instagram account. Arrange photos that are a part of the same story or complement each other in good order. Add text which acts as a beautiful reminder of the story related to the photo and even after several years it shall be a pleasure in rediscovering them. 

Decide the type of album cover between two options available - image wrap option (matte finish, water and scratch resistant ) or dust jacket (detachable cover sleeve that wraps around the cover). Photo book printing with phtotojaanic is user friendly, fast and offers many customization options for layouts, backgrounds, themes and more for cost friendly prices. My favorite part was bringing delicious photo moments to life with the whole spread option. Order your insta photo book to receive prompt delivery within 3-5 business day.

Creating an insta photo book that you can hold in your hands, share with your loved ones and showcase your work is easy with photojaanic. Also you get an ebook that you can instantly share on your social media accounts.


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