Best DIY Food Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

A very famous quote says, "If you don't have money to gift something special to a loved one...bake!" And why not? Cooking or putting together something special for a loved one needs care, attention and oodles of love. With Valentines Day round the corner, why not express your love with one of the most thoughtful gifts that money can ever buy - food! And why not take it up a notch and ditch goodies bough from stores this year? Inspire yourself with DIY techniques to put together a gift that will make your loved one love you even more! The ideas presented below are simply irresistible and can be put together by everyone (guys, no excuses this time :D)  Here are some best DIY food gift ideas for loved ones.

Infused Honey In a Bottle:

A gift that is healthy and looks incredibly pretty! While honey is very delicious on its own, infusing it with spices and herbs boosts the flavors and gives it a zing. Take a look here for some delicious infused honey recipes.

Flavored Teas:

Nothing is more comforting that unwinding with a cup of flavorful tea. Teas come in many flavors and loaded with health benefits...and what's more you can enjoy a cup with your special one anytime! Mix some loose black tea with some crushed cinnamon, mildly roasted and crushed cardamom pods, dry ginger and some fennel seeds. Spoon into individual mason jars and tie with a red ribbon along with a note. In a hamper, assemble the tea mix, few fillable tea bags and a cute tea mug to make a wonderful gift!

Wine Hamper:

How about a personalized wine hamper to add a smile to your friendship or spark to your relationship? Plus wine has many health benefits too, of course when enjoyed in moderation. Assemble together your special one's favorite wine and add a personalized label to it. Add two glasses along with some flavored nuts/popcorn pack and a love note! Perfect, isn't it?

Flavored Sugars:

Want to sweeten things up? Make some easy DIY flavored sugars at home. Here is an easy recipe to make cinnamon sugar at home. You can experiment with more flavors like citrus, cardamom, rose and more.

Dessert Jars:

One of the most loved gourmet gift that spells "Love at first bite". Buy flavored cup cakes (red velvet, chocolate, vanilla) and cut them in halves. Add the bottom half in a jar and crumble a bit to make a layer. Add frosting and even the layer. Add another layer of spiced nuts, dark chocolate bits or anything you fancy. Tie a satin ribbon on the jar along with a quirky quote!

Infused Vodka:

Show off your bar-tending skills with some DIY infused vodka recipes. Take a infusion pot/drink dispenser and add 1 litre vodka and chunks of one large pineapple. Let the mix infuse for 10-12 days before drinking. Some flavors that can be experimented with include strawberry- basil, pineapple, watermelon, chili and more! Add some easy cocktail recipes (look for inspiration here) before gifting!


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