Know More About Himalayan Pink Salt

With a delicate pink color, Himalayan pink salt is known to be the purest form of salt in the world. The presence of 84 natural minerals impart it a red to deep pink color, though sometimes it is also found in shades of off-white. Harvested from the caves in northern Pakistan, edible Himalayan pink salt is popular across the world due to its superior nutritional profile as compared to refined table salt. Lets know a little more about Himalayan Pink Salt and its health benefits.

Himalayan pink salt occurs naturally and is untouched by any mineral stripping process of refinement. The bolder flavor of Himalayan Pink Salt as compared to other salts, makes it ideal for cooking and in adding finishing touches to cocktails- imagine a nice pink salt rim on your Bloody Mary! Slabs of Himalayan pink salt are also used for cooking purpose as they remain hot for a longer duration. Apart from culinary uses, Himalayan Pink Salt is also widely used in saunas (yes, we visited one such sauna in Finland) and in lamps. 

Lets look at some health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt:

Better Nutritional Profile:
Himalayan pink salt is naturally rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, chloride and more. Adding the salt to our daily diet, helps better bodily functions without any harmful traces of chemical processing. Intake of this salt in moderation, helps us enjoy the health benefits imparted by all the trace elements and minerals present without causing any harm.

Helps Correct Respiratory Problems
Due to its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, Himalayan pink salt helps correct respiratory problems. Nowadays, lamps made of Himalayan pink salt are widely used to ease mucous congestion and clear excessive pollen from air.

Balance pH Levels
Unhealthy pH levels may give rise to a variety of health problems like immune deficiency, loss of bone density to kidney stones and more. Research shows that intake of  Himalayan pink salt helps balance your body’s pH levels and help achieve a healthy acid-alkaline ratio.

Neutralize Stomach Acid
Due to alkaline nature of Himalayan pink salt, it helps neutralize presence of excess stomach acid and harmful effects of acid reflux. Mix one teaspoon of this salt in a glass of water (room temperature and preferably chlorine free) and drink.

Aids Digestion
The nutrients present in Himalayan pink salt aid proper digestion right from the time you pop it in your mouth! It stimulates salivary glands to produce amylase (an enzyme that helps conversion of starch into sugar) and helps the gastrointestinal tract to absorb nutrients better. Better digestion means better removal of toxins and a satiated feeling that keeps hunger pangs at bay.

Please note: Contact your doctor/dietician before using Himalayan pink salt for optimal results. Replacing your table salt with Himalayan pink salt completely is not a good idea too as table salt contains Iodine that helps thyroid function.


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