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Cuba Libre Cocktail Recipe

The monsoon has always been nostalgic for me. Also, it brings back memories of some wonderful times spent in good company enjoying rum and coke (Old monk and Thumps-up more often). Until sometime back, I never realized that my favourite drink had an actual name - Cuba Libre.

Turns out Cuba Libre commonly known as rum and coke is one of most popular cocktail in the world with a very interesting history and an unchanged recipe since its inception. The story of its origin goes back to 1900 in Cuba when the island was occupied by Americans. Cubans adopted the expression "Cuba Libre" which means Free Cuba during their war  for independence from Spain. During the ten years of war from 1868-1878, soldiers sipped a drink made of rum, water and molasses which they called Cuba Libre.

American businesses, including Coca Cola, made its way into Cuba after Spain surrendered. And this simple cocktail was created at the American Bar in Havana at the turn of the 20th century. It soon beca…

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