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Delicious Lassi Recipes

Summers call for consumption of some chilled coolers - cold and delicious beverages that help us combat the rising mercury levels. Now, before you turn to store bought coolers, why not try one of India’s favorite drink – LASSI! A creamy sweet or savory drink made with yogurt, water, select spices and occasionally fruits is healthy, cooling and pride of Punjabi cuisine.
Unlike fizzy drinks and packaged juices, lassi is healthy and packed with benefits. Since yogurt is the main ingredient, it is excellent for soothing the digestive track. Consumption of lassi, helps prevent bloating, constipation, reduces stomach acidity, improves immunity and aids digestion.
Since milk is an important component of yogurt, it is rich in calcium. That apart lassi is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, B and riboflavin.
Most people enjoy it in its traditional form. However there are other interesting ways in which this beverage can be made at home. Here are some delicious lassi recipes:
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