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Review - Vaya Preserve, a great food storage solution

Kitchen is the heart of every home. Large or small, fancy or utilitarian, kitchen is the hub where meals are prepared, conversations are shared and recipes are learnt. For me, kitchen is an integral space that buzzes with energy and fills with different aromas throughout the day. With every evolving home designs, today, kitchens are more than designated cooking spaces. They now flow naturally into other spaces like living rooms and are used for entertaining and enjoying family meals. And with changing kitchen designs, we need better storage solutions that take less space in modern kitchens, are multi-purpose and are great on aesthetics too!

After remodeling my kitchen, I was on a lookout for handy storage jars that would help organize without taking up too much space. Having grown up learning recipes form mom, I loved the idea of storing various spices, masalas, cereals, dry fruits and homemade snacks in stainless steel or glass containers. My only worry was breakage that may take pl…

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