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8 Ways to Enjoy Fresh Basil

Different from holy basil, a revered home-grown plant in India, sweet basil and Thai basil are the best choice amongst the different basil varieties to include in your cooking. Easy to grow, basil plant adds a beautiful aroma to your home garden and kitchen.

A summer herb, fresh basil can be included in about every kind of dish including beverages, appetizers, salad, desserts. Widely used in Italian cooking to make pesto, there are many dishes that can enjoyed more with an addition of distinctive basil flavors.
Here are some easy ways to cook with fresh basil:

Tomato Basil Sauce
The secret to a great pasta is a great sauce and making your own sauce rather than the ready made variety will add more flavour and nutrition to your pasta as you can choose the finest, freshest and organic ingredients. A proud feeling isn't it? Here is a easy recipe for making homemade pasta sauce with red juicy tomatoes and basil.

Honey Basil Lemonade 
A refreshing drink made with Vitamin C loaded l…

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