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Best Indoor Plants & Herbs For Kitchen That Grow Easily

Antique, vintage or modern, plants look good in any type of kitchen decor. Strategically placed indoor plants & herbs across kitchen areas not only look good but also add a natural touch. However, from a wide selection available today, how does one choose the best kitchen plants to grow at home? Factors like type of kitchen decor, space availability, intensity of maintenance required come into play.  Furthermore, the placement of these plants is an important factor too. Are you going to place the plants on the window sill where there is enough sunlight or on top of kitchen cabinets? With this in mind, let's look at best indoor plants & herbs for kitchen that grow easily. Aloe vera: One of the best indoor plants for kitchen India, aloe vera is full of benefits. Apart from adding an ornamental value to kitchens, it can also soothe minor cuts & burns.  But, do remember that this plant requires sunlight so place it in an area that receives good amount of sun. Moreover, baby

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