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Barley, The Super Grain- Health Benefits, Side Effects & How to cook

An ancient grain, barley was first cultivated almost 10,000 years ago in Ethiopia and Southeast Asia. Consumed by Roman athletes for strength and energy, it was also used as food source for humans & animals. In the same manner, in ancient Greek culture, barley was used as a staple bread-making grain. Some reports also state that this grain was honored in ancient China as a symbol of male virility. Used in making beer & whiskey till date, it was also used to make wine during early years. A versatile grain with a rich nutty flavor, some find it a bitchewy. Let's find out more about this super grain, it's health benefits & how to add it to our diets.

A member of the grass family, consumption of barley & it's water has many health benefits. High in both soluble & insoluble fiber, it can be easily found in the market in hulled, pearl, pot/scotch, flakes & grit form. Besides, consuming barley helps maintain optimum health as it contains essential nu…

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