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Chaat Recipes With A Twist For Your House Party

If there is one thing we all love unanimously is CHAAT! Tangy, crispy, spicy-sweet & addictive, this Indian street-style snack is often present across global menus. Moreover, there are many types of chaat recipes like aloo tikki chaat, bhel, sev puri. A lot of die hard chaat lovers may not experiment with different type of chaat recipes. However, a few innovative chaat ideas are fun to try too! Try these easy chaat recipes with a twist for your next house party or when hunger pangs beckon. Pasta chaat: Yes, there is a chaat variation that can be made with pasta too! Take one cup of your favorite pasta like macaroni, farfalle or penne. Next, boil the pasta & strain. Pour cold water on pasta to keep them from sticking to one another. Brush with little olive oil. Further, chop one boiled potato into cubes. Also, chop one small tomato & onion finely & keep aside.  Now to assemble, take the boiled pasta in a big bowl. Next, add cubed potato, red chili powder, chaat masala &a

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