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Creative Gin Cocktail Recipe: Red Chili, Ginger Lime Gin & Tonic

If like us, summers make you think of cocktails, indulge in this creative gin cocktail recipe. It is contemporary, exotic yet with no frills attached. Fancy yet fuss free. Moreover, it can be put together in the comforts of your home & relished in the favorite corner of your house. This gin & tonic with hints of red chili, lime & ginger flavors will transport you to your favorite beach destination
Easy to put together, this cocktail relaxes & refreshes with it's flavors. A spicy variant, it is a great Gin & Tonic recipe to make when you have guests. Of course the spice level won’t make you sweat but that beautiful red chili will simply lend the right kick to the drink; which you will experience in the first sip itself. Inspired by the fabulous Mexican Collins recipe posted here

Lastly, it has beautiful color story. If vanity means anything to you, you may just relish the sharp color of the flaming Red Chili floating in the translucent bubbles of Gin & Ton…

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