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Recipe: A Bloody Mary to spice up your Brunch

Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail and a favorite brunch drink. What makes it such a popular cocktail is the simplicity for putting it together. The Bloody Mary is also highly adaptable to suit your personal taste and you can skip the liquor all together and enjoy a Virgin Mary.

Chilled tomato juiceFresh lime juiceWorcestershire sauceSaltPepperTabasco sauceYour favorite Vodka Slice of lemon and celery leaves for garnishing

Once you have all these ingredients, preparing this cocktail is a matter of minutes. Just fill three quarters of a cocktail glass with ice cubes, and pour 30 ml of vodka and 60 ml of tomato juice in the glass. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. Sprinkle a pinch each of sugar, salt, and black pepper and a dash of tabasco sauce and stir. Drop a slice of lemon and garnish with a celery stick. There, go ahead and enjoy your brunch with a refreshing and nutritious cocktail!

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