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Dining at 46 Year Old Marie Antoinette Restaurant, Seychelles

Step into Marie Antoinette restaurant, housed in a beautiful colonial Seychellois mansion and one feels like having stepped back in time. Opened in 1972 by the late Mrs. Kathleen Fonseka, Marie Antoinette has remained popular till date and survived changing times by remaining unchanged! One of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Seychelles offers authentic Creole Seychellois food amidst rustic charm lent by its colonial style architecture that has remained unchanged since its opening day barring minor renovations. Located in Mahe, your visit to Seychelles is incomplete without enjoying an authentic meal at this  popular dining spot.

The restaurant named after Queen Marie-Antoinette of France makes you feel comfortable with an impressive high roof, winding wooden staircase, huge bar and seating area, a souvenir wall with handwritten notes from visitors, knick knacks spanning its rich history and well laid tables. We spoke to the smiling manager and were pleased …

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