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COVID-19 Lockdown: Easy Recipes To Make For Everyone At Home

The Corona virus lockdown or Safe Living as it's been called has taught us invaluable lessons. Apart from life lessons like healthcare professionals are worth more than celebrities, we have also learnt minor lessons. Additionally, knowing basic cooking skills are a blessing in disguise in recent times. If you are living alone or trying to help around at home by cooking a meal, knowing a few easy to make dishes can help elevate your mood as well as provide sustenance to your loved ones. Let's look at some easy recipes to make for everyone at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Furthermore, if you are looking for some simple things to do to make life easy during Covid-19 lockdown, read our previous blog
Tasty Wraps: Pleasing little ones at home is no easy task! Bored easily of run-of-the-mill dishes, keeping them interested at the dinner table beats round table conferences!! If your child is bored of roti, sabzi treat him/ her with wraps.
Wraps are healthy and can be made with ro…

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