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How To Eat More Leafy Greens & Delicious Recipes With Greens

Eat your greens, keep it clean & don't be mean! We all know the many benefits of eating leafy green vegetables. Low in calories but packed with key vitamins & minerals, including leafy greens in your diet offers many benefits including a healthy gut. Studies also show that a single serving helps prevent against heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure & certain eye diseases. Additionally, the Vitamin C, A & K helps maintain overall health, immunity & healthy bones. What's more leafy greens are good for your skin too! Moreover, they also help inhibit the growth of certain cancers.
However, many a times we wish the plate of salad in front of us be transformed into a juicy burger, tacos or both! Well, if you are wondering how to eat more leafy greens, here are a few delicious green dishes recipes.
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Leafy Green Wraps:
Why not enjoy your favorite ingredients wrapped in leafy greens lik…

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