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Review - Cherry Pop Festival At Hello Guppy, BKC

Hello Guppy - the diner-style Japanese Cafe and Bar is well known for serving delicious Japanese fare at pocket friendly prices. The restaurant with Japanese pop art inspired ambience dazzles guests with vibrant decor. A fun concept that features bright tiled walls, custom designed wall papers, shiny chairs, table tops transformed into a retro Pachinko machine, chic wall art, lights and a buzzy florescent charm as the sun sets. Now to all this add a bright touch of pink with a Cherry Blossom installation and we are more than ready to celebrate spring.

This summer, Hello Guppy celebrates spring and the Cherry Blossom Festival with a Hanami inspired menu featuring Japanese dishes made from local produce. Sundays are reserved for special picnic brunch that taste best when shared. We visited Hello Guppy on a Friday afternoon and enjoyed a laid back meal while trying delicious fare that we hope finds a permanent spot on the regular menu.

The Hanami inspired menu features small plates, rice…

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