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Boost Your Immunity With Recipes That Really Work

As monsoon days play hide & seek, they bring along some days of downpour, dreamy weather, childhood memories & a few common infections. Our immunity lowers with the onset of monsoons as common cold, cough, indigestion & other infections take a toll on our health. Few careful precautions & taking care of our nutritional needs help boost our immunity, so that we enjoy monsoons carefree. Consuming certain superfoods that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber, Probiotics, antioxidants & other nutrients coupled with exercise help boost our immunity levels & guard us against infections to a large extent.

We often read about foods that help boost immunity but sometimes due to lack of interesting or easy recipes may skip including them in our diets. Here are a few easy recipes that boost your immunity:

Chicken Soup- A hot bowl of chicken soup is our go to remedy for infections like common cold that occur frequently during monsoons. The anti inflammatory properties of the…

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