Enjoying Ice cream and Wine Paired Recipes with London Dairy at SulaFest 2016

We could hardly contain our excitement!!! We were aiming to get two birds with one stone…actually; we were chasing the birds out of the city all the way to the lush Sula Vineyards to indulge. When one of the most gorgeously located Gourmet World Music Festival- SulaFest 2016 beckoned, we instantly started dreaming about stunning views, ground breaking musical acts, fashionable attendees and gourmet food. Could it get better than that? We soon found out that it could get much much better:) London Dairy, SulaFest’s Indulgence partner and a coveted premium ice cream brand was going to do blend two best things in the world- wine and ice cream and indulge our taste buds at the highest level of foodie euphoria!!!

So on a crisp Saturday morning, we stepped into the visually stunning Sula Vineyards and saw the idyllic environs buzzing with revelers excited to be away from the madness of the city. Great music was being played, good wine was being poured, people had queued up to savor gourmet food…but we were looking to escape into the goodness of “London Dairy Indulgence Zone”. A zone that promised pure indulgence and would help us cool off at the buzzing festival, sounds like fun-right?

We walked across the winding pathway to come face to face with London Dairy’s “Throne Of Indulgence” and almost squealed in delight. What if we had missed sitting on Game Of Throne’s Iron Throne, this one was better…there was ice cream to be won from the “Jar Of Indulgence”. All you had to do was to indulge in some fun activities and win some delicious ice cream treats from the “Zone Of Indulgence”.

Next, we moved to an interactive session with expert Sula sommeliers and tried exotic selections of wine like Brut Tropicale, Riesling, limited edition Rasa Shiraz and Rasa Cabernet that set the mood for the day ahead. All the while a thought kept playing on our minds- how could one pair ice cream with wine and make it sound like a perfect match? Soon, it was time to find out the answer.

We reached the “London Dairy Indulgence Zone” with anticipation and saw a lot of people queuing up to get their share of favorite flavors from London Dairy. The London Dairy Chefs were busy at the workstation arranging exotic toppings and we helped ourselves to the tempting red velvet topping as we waited :)

Here are glimpses of the 3 wine-paired recipes we oohed and aahed over:

  1. London Dairy Double Chocolate with the Dindori Reserve Shiraz. Surprise Surprise! The smooth tannins & berry flavors of the wine went smoothly with the intense chocolate flavors.
  2. London Dairy Strawberry Cheese Cake with Sula Brut Tropicale- Light & crisp sparkling wine that tasted fruity went pretty well with the ice cream, our favorite combination.
  3. London Dairy Mango Sorbet with Sula Late Harvest Chenin Blanc-a perfect wine-sorbet pairing as the wine pairs with desserts pretty well. A good way for beginners to start the ice cream-wine indulgence.

Strawberry Cheese Cake, as well as wine-sorbet pairings, exotic ice-cream toppings and much more lined up!

Things to keep in mind for perfect indulgence in ice cream – wine paired recipes:
  • Chocolate is difficult to pair with wine as the flavors are intense, the lighter the chocolate flavors the easier the task is and pairing a cold chocolate dessert like ice cream is easier.
  • Add exotic toppings to your ice cream to add layers of different textures and flavors to your ice cream – wine paired recipes
  • Pairing ice creams and wines is all about matching profiles of your ice cream & glass of vino. If the wine is too dry or bitter it may take away the sweet notes of your ice cream.

Our trip to the elegant SulaFest 2016 edition indulged by London Dairy was nothing less than an exhilarating experience. With a little help from London Dairy Chefs, we managed to blend and try two best things in the world- wine and ice cream and took a few notes that will help us flaunt exquisite recipes back home. So next time you reach for a scoop of your favorite London Dairy ice-cream, go on and indulge and pour a glass of vino too. Remember to experiment with flavors and bend some rules till you find your favorite ice cream – wine paired recipe…you may never want to step out of the house to eat dessert again. But again, you may…. to buy more ice cream and a bottle of wine. 

#IndulgeWithLondonDairy an ice cream made from finest ingredients and crafted by the best artisans… we all know #SummerIsComing


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