8 Things You Can Do On A One Day Trip to Mandwa

From the past 2 years we have been blessed with pleasant Februaries in Mumbai and both years we have been fortunate enough to make a day trip to Mandwa in Raigad District, Maharashtra (time is always a factor isn’t it :)). In popular culture, Mandwa has been popularized in the Bollywood movie Agneepath.

Mandwa is a 45-60 minutes Catamaran ride from Gateway of India (Mumbai) with services throughout the day and we were quite surprised with the clean beach and activities one can indulge in after the ferry ride followed by a sundowner and fine dining in the evening.

Even more fascinating to us was how easy it was to escape the city and be fully immersed in the countryside. Here are 8 things you can experience while visiting Mandwa.

1. Ride along with Seagulls

For most travelers taking transportation is just getting from point to point; however taking the ferry to Mandwa Jetty is a truly immersive travel experience with seagulls for company. Once cannot but admire the strength of these birds as they fly against the wind and keep up with you and take breaks in the water when tired. Here is a slow-mo video of the seagulls guaranteed to mesmerize you.

2. Take a walk on the beach

A walk along the beach, sea breeze, sounds of waves crashing along the shore & seagulls flying in the sky is “refreshing for the soul” to say the least. Having your loved one by your side when you do this will surely be priceless :) 

 3. Have a delicious Fish Thali for lunch at Sanman in Alibaug Market

If you’re anything like us, you’re rather skilled at devouring tasty seafood and that’s what we did at this popular seafood restaurant. Reasonably priced with comfortable seating, a lunch at Sanman will be pure treat for sea food lovers. If you are a vegetarian though, the options are limited.

Image Source: Flickr - Creative Commons

4. Buy Fresh Catch from Alibaug Market

If you're looking for fresh fish, your best bet is to buy directly from the people who catch them. Pomfrets, Lobsters, Surmai, Prawns are plentiful at the market and you can buy a thermocol casing for Rs. 100 and neatly pack the fish with lots of ice.

5. Rent a bike and drive around the beautiful coastal road

Renting a bike is the best way to get great views of the coast and observe village life. At approximately INR 600 you can rent a decent scooter and drive around the expanse soaking in the views.

6. Have a sundowner at Boardwalk 

Boardwalk is situated right at the entrance of the Jetty with Mediterranean style ambience and offers generous buffet spreads and a wide selection of beverages to tickle your fancy. Sit back, relax and calm your senses with the breathtaking sunset while sipping on your favorite tipple. We tried their Mojito pitcher and pasta while gazing at the sun setting over the Arabian sea with gentle sea breeze calming us…a perfect formula for a good meal. 

7. Enjoy some water sports

Water sports are available right at the beach alongside the jetty and are a great way to enhance the fun factor. 

8. Relax with an overnight stay at any of the boutique resorts

You can opt for an overnight stay if you like to start late. There are several boutique resorts such as Mango Beach House, Ccaza Ccomodore, Country Farm and home stays available around the area.

Image Source: www.mangoalibaug.com

So folks plan your day getaway at Mandwa well, have lots of fun and do share your pics on our FB page www.facebook.com/wickedspoonconfessions


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