#KhudKoKarBuland: The Twists, Turns and Triumphs of the Mathur Family

When we see successful people around us, we tend to look at them with a host of emotions … Some of us look at them with envy, some with happiness, some with amazement – wondering how they made it while some of us get inspired enough to accomplish similar benchmarks in our lives. But what most of us are not privy to is the journey of these very people which led them there.

Their determination, their sacrifices et al …sure enough they had their share of weak moments, sure enough they had to make some tough heart-breaking decisions, and sure enough they had to shed tears along the way. But their Human Spirit ensured survival and triumph in all these challenges and took them to a place people now look up to.

One such story is of the Mathur family....

Kiran and Rajesh Mathur led simple lives, Kiran worked as a school teacher and Rajesh as a sales executive in a private firm. They had two talented daughters – Kriti and Pooja.

But just when everything was going smoothly (or rather routinely as we say in our daily lives), an event changed the course of their lives forever. Rajesh met with a freak accident rendering him handicapped.

It is frightening when something untoward happens to parents at any age, but when children are aged between 11 and 13, it is rather tough. Children are too young to fathom what’s going on and parents stretch themselves in every way possible – mentally and physically to get the ship sailing.

So here was the family stuck in many sticky situations.

Financially, matters hardened as Rajesh had to eventually quit his job since his physical conditions did not allow him to work. This made the mother the sole bread winner of the family.

But Kiran and Rajesh together always had one strong agenda – A bright future for both their girls. They were proud parents and always felt their daughters must rise and shine and not in any way become victims of these trying circumstances.  In fact, they had made provisions for their daughters education and from early in their careers begun saving to face any uncertainty head on.

As she finished school, Kriti expressed her desire to pursue Science and become a doctor. She loved medicine and nothing could come in the way of her passion, intelligence and dreams. Kriti is a successful doctor today.

Her younger sister, Pooja – more creative and blessed with good business acumen decided to pursue fashion designing. Today she runs a successful garment business.

Kiran and Rajesh are of course super proud parents. Most parents reading this post would agree that nothing makes a mom and a dad happier than seeing their children happy and leading prosperous lives.


Life throws challenges along the way, throws in moments when you feel this is the end … there’s no hope in sight. But then the victorious Human Spirit takes over, which helps one conquer their battles and defeat their odds. How did they do it? By facing adversity with courage and with early planning they were able to weather the storm of their lives and ensure the sun was always smiling down on them.


  1. Very nice article Ma'am. Lots to learn. We need to be able to plan for our future. We cannot depend on others for our problems.


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