10 Creative Ways of Using Your Kitchen Utensils and Accessories

Every kitchen has some or the other utensils that are no more used. That may be either because you have bought a better quality or more purposeful version of that utensil or it’s a little chipped or broken, or just that you don’t prepare such dishes so as to use that utensil. Whatever may be the reason, these are some things that neither you want to discard nor do you want to use anymore! Why not try using them in creative ways?

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1.    Using cutlery as chimes: 

A beautiful way to use old cutlery will be to convert it into a wind chime. Collect different types of cutlery, preferably 8-10 in number and an old bowl used for straining liquids (basically, a bowl with holes) to act as a hanger and a clothes line or a sturdy nylon string to tie the complete setup from the roof, a tree or other high spot. Hang the bowl at the spot where you can sit back and relax while listening to the chimes.

2.    Using chipped kettles as planters: 

Chipped your favourite kettle? Do not throw it away. Just use it as a small flowerpot and grow a lovely decorative plant in it. Maybe pot a bonsai or grow a money plant or even some small plant with flowers in the kettle and place it on your windowsill for the lovely effect.

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3.    Reusing old airtight containers to store toys: 

Got some old plastic containers in your kitchen that you are not too fond of now?  Use some of those containers to store the toys come out from the toy shelves but never go back in. Organising toys will become much simpler.

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4.    Using old jars as decorative: 

Fill old & unused jars with multi coloured uncooked grains and lentils. Create layers of various colors for a beautiful effect. Use rice, black, red or yellow lentils and artificial flowers. You may also fix a candle inside the jar and light it (make sure that it’s a glass jar for this else the plastic may get burnt) during a get together on your terrace or in the lawn.

Another improvisation would be to put a battery-operated string of LED lights in an empty transparent jar. Light it in the night during a party and look at the appreciative faces of your guests. :) 

5.    Using cola bottle to make a sprinkler: 

Put empty cola bottles to excellent use by converting it into an effective lawn sprinkler. To do so, just prick some random holes on one side of the empty bottle. Now, take a garden hose and secure it tightly to the mouth of the bottle with duct tape. Remember, the higher the water pressure the higher the sprinkler will spray!

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6.    Using forks as photo stands: 

You can use forks to make some classy photo stands for your side tables. Take a fork and bend its tines with a plier. Bend two tines towards the back and two towards the front. Now, add little curls towards the end of the tines to make sure that they can hold your photos.

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7.    Using ice cubes trays to store food portions: 

Sliced, diced or grated too much of stock, fruits or cheese and you don’t want the leftovers to get spoiled? Just put these handy food portions in an ice tray cube and freeze. You can preserve food like this for a longer period.

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8.    Using forks and spoons to make a kitchen clock: 

A simple way to utilize old or not-in-use forks and spoons is to use them to decorate a clock. To do this, just take a flat-back (preferably round in shape) clock. Turn it over and, at equal distance, paste forks and spoons at the back with some super glue. You need not have the same type of spoons or forks to paste and in fact an assorted cutlery would look funkier.
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9.    Using egg slicer to slice fruits and veggies: 

Well, this is one simple use of the egg slicer that many people do not actually think of usually. You can use a boiled-egg slicers to slice soft fruits like strawberries, kiwis, bananas or veggies like mushrooms and olives and even mozzarella cheese in thin slices.

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10.    Using forks and spoons as cabinet handles: 

An interesting use of the forks & spoons is to have them as handles for kitchen cabinets. Just bend old forks/spoons little from the centre. The bend should be enough to make the tines lay flat against the cabinet’s flat surface. Now, place the fork at the desired place on the cabinet and secure tightly with nails & industrial glue.

Image courtesy: www.aliexpress.com


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