Top Things To Do In Wai, Maharashtra

Located at approximately 230 km from Mumbai, Wai a picturesque destination is enveloped in natural beauty. Moreover, if you prefer to leave the crowds behind and enjoy a peaceful stay - Wai a lesser known temple town offers serenity and much to do to a discerning traveler. Although, over shadowed by more popular destinations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani, Wai is a beautiful reminder of its glorious history. 

Also popularly known as "Dakshin Kashi" due to its many temples, this small town located on Krishna river was a place of prominence during the days of Peshwas. Wai is also a popular choice for many Bollywood shoots including the movie Swades. 

Here are top things to do in Wai, Maharashtra

Pick Fresh Strawberries:

If you happen to be in Wai during the months of December-February, plan a visit to the many strawberry farms around Krishna river. The joy of plucking sweet, luscious strawberries and popping them into your mouth (with due permissions of farm owners :D) is unmatched. Additionally, talk to the farmers that help bring such delicious food from their farms to our tables.

Strawberry Farms at Wai, Maharashtra

Participate in Agri Tourism:

Agri Tourism, though may hold different meaning across the globe, primarily involves indulging in farm related activities and/or a stay on the farm. As a matter of fact, it is a beautiful & innovative way to experience the shades of rural life and learn about the source of our food.

Agri Tourism has gained slow but steady popularity among travelers. We have already covered one such activity in our previous blog and Wai is a great place for this fun family activity. With help of our resort, we planned a trip to a nearby farm that cultivated fresh vegetables and turmeric. Wai is known for its superior quality turmeric and its a great experience to know more about its cultivation. Moreover, the half day activity helps you know more about the cultivation of various crops like jowar, sugar cane and more.

Fresh Turmeric Farms at Wai, Maharashtra

Watch Glorious Sunrise and Sunsets:

The quiet town of Wai offers many picturesque spots that one can easily trek to and watch beautiful sunrise and sunsets. We often walked towards the Dhom Dam during our stay in Wai and watched the sun go down over the backwaters amidst chirping bird sounds. Now, have you packed your bags, yet?

Sunset Over Hills at Wai, Maharashtra

Visit the Caves:

The Wai caves are 9 Buddhist caves situated at a distance of 7 km and a good tourist spot. Lohare Palpeshwar caves are known for their art and are a prime example of ancient Vastushastra.

Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side:

Visit one of the many temples in Wai and get in touch with your spiritual side. Choose any one from the 100 temples in Wai including the famous Dholya Ganpati Mandir built in the 18th century, Kashi Vishweshwar Mandir - a famous Shiva temple, Mandhardevi Kalubai - situated on a hill amongst many others. Moreover, Nana Phadnavis Wada is a great site for architecture lovers and houses two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu respectively.
Plan a Trek:

Wai offers many opportunities to plan scenic treks with picturesque views of Sahyadri Range. Further, Kamalghad fort around the dam is a good trekking spot. Mountain ranges near Kenjalgad fort, Raireshwar Temple and Kates point are also recommended. Pandavgad fort is another suggested trekking spot by locals but is graded as medium difficulty level.

Beautiful Treks at Wai, Maharashtra

Visit Dhom Dam Backwaters:

A calm serene spot amidst hillocks, Dhom Dam offers serenity and respite from cacophony. Also, tourists can indulge in boating and other water related activities depending on the season. Many travelers also camp here post securing required permissions. Wander around the edges of the backwaters and smell peace, just like we did. The area around backwaters is also a good spot for a nature walk.

Dhom Dam at Wai, Maharashtra

Wai From Mumbai:

Driving to Wai from Mumbai (230 kms via NH48, 4.5 hours) and Pune (90 kms, 2 hrs) is convenient due to good roads. The nearest airport is located at Pune (Lohegaon Airport). Nearest train station is Satara, located approx 40 km from Wai. A few private travel companies regularly ply buses between Mumbai and Wai.

Best Time to Visit:

June to September to enjoy the rains and October to March for the crispy winters.


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