Review: New Menu and One Tippling Place Pop-Up at Olive Bar & Kitchen

Tell us a name that pops up in your mind in the first five seconds when someone asks "Where Should We Go For Mediterranean Food In a Fabulous Ambience That Is Characteristic?" We bet your answer would be Olive Bar & Kitchen in Bandra, Mumbai. If no, we think you should reconsider :)

With the completion of 15 years, Olive recently invited us to try a new menu and a speakeasy style bar pop-up with One Tippling Place, located in Philadelphia. Interesting we thought....and off we went. We settled down at an alfresco table and chatted with Anne Frey & Myles from One Tippling Place and got to know that the emphasis of the cocktail menu would be on using fresh juices, house made syrups & bitters to lend a refreshing taste....and there would be vodka cocktails too.

Assorted Savoury Doughnuts

Our love for Vodka had started with the first ever drink we had back in college and has stayed put. We started the evening with Dragon Tear- a delicious concoction of Vodka, strawberry, lemon juice & a hint of honey....a good accompanist to our first appetizer- Asparagus and Crispy Egg. Take a crispy soft centered organic egg, put them on a bed of seasonal vegetables, add home made young cheese ( made in house, the cheese belongs to the cottage cheese family with a hint of cream cheese blended for flavor), sprinkle toasted sunflower seeds on top & place mildly charred asparagus stalks on the side, and enjoy the play of textures and flavors on your taste buds.

Dragon Tear- A Vodka Based Cocktail

Asparagus and Crispy Egg

The next pink hued cocktail Air Mail- rum blended with seasonal berries was tangy and refreshing that went well with our next appetizer, Lime & Salmon Fishcakes- fresh Norwegian salmon seasoned with flavors of kafir lime served with a rich saffron emulsion.

The Pork & Apple- a hearty appetizer made with slow braised pork belly (braised for almost 3 days) came with tangy green apple & carrot slaw and crispy pork skin popcorn. This was us was a dish that made our day. The crunch of the skin popcorn, the fresh green apple flavors & the succulent pork belly was an amazing play of textures in a single dish.

We wanted another cocktail & with a lot of skepticism settled for Philly Mule a vodka based cocktail infused with flavors of fresh ginger. We are not fans of the mighty ginger :). But Philly Mule surprised us with a well balanced play of house made simple syrup, lime & soda. Refreshing, chilled & just right- have this one if you like to try something different. The BBQ Chicken & Kimchi- grilled chicken leg served with homemade BBQ sauce on a bed of black pepper kimchi was a different & delectable combination. We loved the kimchi- no red orange colors but just freshly cut cabbage leaves seasoned with salt & hint of pepper.

The main course- Roast Garlic Polenta ( a popular variant of the popular dish from Italy made with slow cooked ground cornmeal) was served on a bed of vegetable ratatouille & seared cucumber.

For desserts we tried Olive Rocher- a gooey chocolate dome & hazelnut parfait served with a gold leaf and Milk & Honey- 3 textures of milk (regular, caramelized & burnt) & honey served with milk meringue, smoked honey & yogurt ice cream....again a superb show of textures from simple ingredients.

The new menu designed by Rishim Sachdeva brings together fresh seasonal flavors, international ingredients and varied textures in a single dish that is tasty, appetizing, filling & nutrient rich. We loved the clever use of superfoods like sunflower seeds, hazelnut seeds & smoked almonds. The menu fuses global with the local, brings fresh flavors to the fore with techniques like smoking & curing and makes it difficult to pick favorites. The One Tippling Place Pop-Up is a great play of spirit forward cocktails that go well with the signature Olive Style.

Olive Bar & Kitchen
14, Union Park,
Khar (W)

Call# 22 43408229

What You Pay For A Meal For Two: RS. 3800 (dinner) excluding taxes & alcohol