Review: The Leela Mumbai Express Lunch At The Great Wall

The non stop pace of Aamchi Mumbai never ceases to amaze us. We work hard to indulge in wholesome meals and at the end of the day we are usually left with so little time that we rush through those indulgences. In fact, sitting at our work desk we often dream of foodie escapades that would nourish our souls but not take too much time....the boss is always timing lunch breaks you see. And on days that we have lunch meetings, we are at a loss. The time taken in selecting dishes- appetizers, main course, desserts is so much that we barely get to eat them. So when The Leela Mumbai invited us to try their Express Lunch at The Great Wall, we went one busy afternoon to try a luxurious lunch experience that does not demand too much on our busy work schedules.

Seated, at a table that overlooked the soothing waterfall, we studied the menu. Two set menus priced at INR 999/- and INR 1999/- plus taxes show cased a good variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes including soup, appetizer, main course & dessert. Both looked equally delectable with the INR 1999/- menu finding favor with the ones that enjoy hearty appetites :) We chose to taste one of each- the INR 999/- vegetarian and the INR 1999/- non-vegetarian set menu.

The luncheon started with appetizers- Crispy Babycorn sauteed in salt and pepper with finely chopped garlic & spring onion greens, Shitake Mushroom Dumplings -finely chopped silky shitake mushrooms in translucent wrappers & Chicken and Prawn Sui Mai- a flavorful variant of the traditional pork & mushroom dumpling served with assorted dips.

L to R: Shitake Mushroom Dumplings, Chicken and Prawn Sui Mai and Crispy Babycorn

Next came the Hot and Sour Soup with thinly julienned vegetables and Chicken Manchow Soup- we dipped our soup spoons expecting nothing different - but the flavors were so delectable and comforting , we finished the bowl craving for more.

Chicken Manchow Soup

The main course was quiet elaborate with gravies like Assorted Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce-seasonal green vegetables fried crisp and dunked in a hot tangy gravy; Wok Fried Chinese Greens- Peppers, Pak Choi, broccoli tossed in garlic till tender served with Veg Fried Rice. The non veg main course boasted of Red Snapper - well done fillet of red snapper served in Black Bean Sauce; Sichuan Chicken served in a hot red gravy with Hakka noodles & Fried Rice- both sprinkled with generous bits of juicy chicken & seasonal green vegetables.

L to R: Red Snapper in Black Bean Sauce, Sichuan Chicken and Assorted Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce

Though satiated, how could we leave without dessert? The Chilled Mango Sago & Pomelo Dessert ( a well known sweet treat from Hong Kong ) came served in a Martini glass. The dessert made with pureed ripe mango, boiled sago seed and Pomelo fruit ( a native fruit of South East Asia) was light, tangy sweet & refreshing.

If like us you are looking at enjoying a luxurious luncheon experience without the luxury of time; head to The Leela Mumbai’s traditional Chinese restaurant “The Great Wall”. The soups are delectable, appetizers sumptuous, main course hearty and the desserts light; a perfect formula for a wholesome lunch experience. 


The Great Wall
The Leela Mumbai
Andheri Kurla Road,
Andheri (East)

From: March 7th Till March 20th 2016

Timing: 12. 30 pm till 3.00 pm

What You Pay: INR 999/- and INR 1999/- plus taxes

Call: 91 (22) 66911347/48