10 Popular Shots

The GenY celebrations are incomplete without a shot or a shooter at the bar. A superb kick start for any occasion, a shot is a “sureSHOT” ice breaker. A shot is a term in mixology or bartending referring to a straight drink directly poured in a shot glass from the bottle. It is a spirit with 40 percent of alcohol. Although the sizes may differ but a standard size of shot is 1.5fl ounces (US) of liquor/ 42.62ml.

Traditionally, whiskey, vodka and tequila shots have been the most common. Shots have redefined themselves and they are not just a neat straight up. Today shots have a menu of their own, and an array of options to pick from. Some have names that will tickle your sozzled brain and will invite you for another one, while others have a concoction to die for.

Today we bring to you ten popular shots that you may not want to miss on your next bar trip.

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1.    Hot Damn:

Whiskey, Rum, Vodka and orange juice is all you need to kick start your evening binging. We couldn’t miss this for the lingering sweet after-taste it leaves. But a word of caution—with stalwarts like whiskey, rum and vodka, limit to your drinking capacity because they will slowly snitch on you. So beware! At the same time, recommended highly for women of today :)

2.    Absolut Bitch:

Don’t go by the offensive name, for you don’t have to be one to enjoy this shot. Absolut Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, Tuaca, are just the kind of ingredients you need to fix this one. Once you gulp it down the head rush will tell you—why the name!

3.    Flaming shot:

This one is definitely for the brave; not because of Kaluha, Amaretto and Irish cream, but for the three are poured straight and lighted, and you are to gulp the fire in, in one shot! Ladies mind those tresses when you are at this one. 
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4.    Jolly Rancher:

This is an awesome drink for those who can’t gulp liquor for its taste. Amaretto, Melon liqueur, grenadine and sprite together make you a jolly good Jolly Rancher. Amaretto, an almond based liquor, gives the sweetness you are looking for and Grenadine lends the tinge of sourness, melon gives a tint and flavour while the fizzy sprite is the teaser (also made in some bars with Apple Schnapps, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry Juice).


5.    Red Headed Slut:

This one has found a spot for the name, you bet!  Cranberry juice cocktail, peach schnapps and Jägermeister Herbal Liqueur together shaken to blend with ice in a shaker, and strained to pour in a large shot glass is all you need to rise above the throng. Though, this is a good cocktail concoction too, but when gulped in a shoot, it gives the high you are looking for.

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6.    Tequila Shot:

We couldn’t miss this for the world! The tequila shot brought the shot boom to the sleepy clubs. A straight tequila in a shot glass is gulped in one go. Remember to throw your head back to swallow, and don’t forget to lick the salt off your hand and suck the lime. The technique to swoosh this one is peculiar “Breathe out, lick the salt, down your tequila shot and bite the lime”. Actually, the saliva will hold the salt on the tongue and when u down the tequila, the salt and lime aides to cut the crudeness of the shot. (This order of taking down the shot was to compensate the sharpness of low-end tequilas. Though today it has become the order of the day!).You can also try pineapple juice as a chaser instead of lime.

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7.    Mind Eraser:

Shot with a straw is what enticed us to try it. Surely, the coffee liqueur and vodka potion with a splash of soda over ice is inviting enough, but whizzing it down with a straw in a single breath is where the magic lies. Believe us, the colossal mind rush will freeze the brain and chill you to erase your memory—at least till the magic lasts.

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8.    Kamikaze:

Don’t get reeling by the name; this shot is named after the Japanese fighters who were trained to lay their lives to complete a mission. Not that it will turn you into one, but the rush that Vodka, Triple Sec, Limes creates, will be enough to make you pretend.

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9.    Three wise men:

Next time you and your best buds go clubbing, you must try this one. This is made of the three liquor moguls—JIM BEAM, JACK DANIELS and JOHNNY WALKER—poured straight in a shot glass, and of course swooped down in a go. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself discussing the economics of INDIA and budget gradations.

10.    Cherry bomb:

Crimson hues of this drink attract you to it. This shot is sweet and smooth, while the bomb factor is the energy drink. It will surely give you wings as you whoosh down cherry vodka and red bull.

Our top ten may or may not have missed your favorite, but we wouldn’t like to miss hearing from you. So, share your bests and spread some knowledge. And remember, don’t drink and drive; lest you spill the drink!

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Disclaimer: This post caters to audience above 25 years of age. Alcohol consumption is injurious to health, drink responsibly, don't drink and drive. 


  1. Didnt know shots could be made of mixture of drinks...

  2. Sure would be great to fix...and drink... Beautifully written price and compilation. Suggest locally available alternates for exqusite additives like triple sec, grenadine n the German Jagermeister for the Red headed exotica ;)

  3. Vow!! Beautifully written ... Wanna try cherry bomb smetym :D

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