Gold- Lesser Known Benefits of Gold for Health & Beauty

We all know GOLD is a rare and precious metal and a popular commodity for investment. But apart from being very valuable have you wondered why it was used by almost all the major civilizations. It was used to symbolize power, beauty, purity and accomplishment. And continues to hold a prominent place in our society. The answer lies in the ability of gold to possess a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to the body to aid in the healing process. Let's look at the lesser known benefits of gold for health & beauty.

An all-natural mineral that is non-toxic and exhibits no interactions with other drugs. It is also easily tolerated by the body. The earliest records of gold being used for medicinal and healing purposes come from the Egyptian civilization. The alchemists developed an "elixir" made of liquid gold. They believed it was mystical and represented the perfection of mater. Additionally, its presence in the body would enliven, rejuvenate, cure and protect the body from several diseases and also restore youthfulness.

The Egyptians also used it in dentistry. It is still in favor today as an ideal material in dental work as it is non-toxic, can be shaped easily and does not corrode.

Gold-coated pills and "gold waters" were extremely popular in medieval Europe to treat discomfort due to sore limbs – (one of the earliest references to arthritis). Ancient Romans used it to cure skin problems.

In China, peasants cook their rice with a gold coin to replenish the mineral in their bodies. Besides, fancy Chinese restaurants put 24-karat gold-leaf in their food preparations which indicate the restorative properties of gold.

In India, it is used in Ayurveda for rejuvenation and revitalization under the name of Swarna Bhasma.

Colloidal Gold Benefits:

Colloidal gold also known as nanogold consist of small, microscopic gold particles suspended in distilled water or any other liquid. It appears as a red or yellow colored liquid and can be safely used both internally as well as externally. The tiny particles from the colloid penetrate through the cell membranes easily and work effectively towards providing relief from the symptoms of several health disorders.

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A few benefits are discussed below:

Anti-inflammatory properties - Colloidal gold is used for bring relief to joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, and tendinitis.

Rejuvenating properties - It has a soothing and harmonizing effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Additionally, it is known to promote a feeling of increased energy, will power and mental focus. In cases of chills, hot flashes, and night sweats, the body's temperature stabilizing mechanism is restored to balance by colloidal gold.

Enhanced moods - It is used to improve mental and emotional well being of people suffering from anxiety, depression, frustration, and sadness.

Improved cognitive function – Studies reveal that colloidal gold acts as a natural stimulant for the cells of our body. This property improves the transmission of electrical signals between the nerve cells in the brain. This in turn increases mental alertness and boosts concentration.

Skin Care - Due to its ability to regenerate cells and restore their normal elastic properties, colloidal gold solution is used typically as an ointment to treat various skin problems. Eczema, fungal infections, skin rash, wounds, skin burns and many more can be treated. It is also used as an ingredient in anti-aging skin care products.

Treatment of Cancer - Colloidal gold is also being used in alternative medicine to treat certain types of cancer such as prostate cancer and ovarian cancer by injecting minuscule amount of gold into the patient’s body in order to control growth of cancerous cells.
Treatment of Addiction - It has been used to treat alcoholism in the 19th Century. In modern day it is used for treating nicotine, drugs and caffeine addiction.

Swarna (Gold) Bhasma

Studies show that there are health benefits of eating gold. Swarna Bhasma is a compound prepared by using pure gold. It is used in Ayurveda for several health benefits such as boosting immunity, intelligence, memory and concentration.

It is used in the treatment of premature greying of hair, lung diseases, bones and joint diseases, digestive system diseases, tumors, cysts, anemia.  It also helps in irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, it is very useful in nervous disorders and heart diseases due to high cholesterol and artery blockage.

Several chyawanprash products which are popularly consumed as health supplements and organic face masks are enriched with Swarna Bhasma.

Benefits of Wearing Gold on Skin:

Wearing gold can actually improve your overall well-being. The warm energy and soothing vibration helps to relax the body which in turn improves blood circulation and expedite the healing process.

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The extraordinary healing abilities of gold are slowly but surely being rediscovered. Modern scientists and physicians uncover what the ancients seem to have known all along: that gold is indeed a very precious metal.


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