Exotic Flavors of London Dairy That Get You to Indulge

‘Tring Tring’ the lilting chime of my local ice-cream wallah’s bell was enough for all the kids of my colony to gather around his little cart. But not before me....never before me. In record time, I would grab money from my piggy bank painstakingly saved over the week, steal a look in the mirror (a cute boy had recently moved next to us) and buy my favorite cone. Ice cream was a luxury, allowed once a week by Ma. The ice-cream cart spread a lot of happiness the day it came to our lane and I was obsessed with trying all flavors hidden in the bottom of that little cart. In fact I was so attracted to my weekly dose of ice cream that I had once tried to make some of my own when the cart failed to come one week!!!

Over the years my love for this frozen delight has grown manifold. Having tried a variety of ice creams in cups with wooden spoon during childhood to tastefully presented flavors in waffle cones, what attracts me the most to ice creams are the yum flavors that transport you instantly to a happy place and lets you just give and indulge. In fact, as a kid my favorite quote went something like...’Money cant buy happiness but it can buy ice-cream and its the same thing’ :) So when a friend introduced me flavors of London Dairy, I knew instantly that my indulgence would be met with a taste so rich that it will be magical. 

Crafted from finest ingredients, the flavors from London Dairy are delectable, creamy and always please my taste buds with a feeling that is personal....something that is made just for me. A scoop of my favorite Strawberry Cheesecake late in the night after a meal brings back memories of a soft strawberry cheesecake shared with my loved one on our first date during our courtship.

A bite of the mango sorbet bar reminds me of summer days spent gorging on juicy mangoes.

As I give into my craving for the Chocolate Hazelnut flavor, I always remember the Chocolate Hazelnut toffee bread made by my English teacher as a Christmas treat for us!!!

There is so much happiness one can share with a scoop of ice cream. Had a rough day at work? Scoop some London Dairy’s Chocolate Hazelnut in a bowl, top it with a generous sprinkling of pecan nuts and sweeten the ride.

Love it sweeter? Pour some warm nutella on London Dairy’s Praline & Cream and sit back.

Craving for some fruity tastes? Chop some fresh strawberries and top it on London Dairy’s Strawberry Cheesecake and watch magic happen. Entertain guests at home with a range of fun toppings and a few London Dairy flavors and ask them to indulge by making their own fun ice cream sundaes...I bet everyone will love the idea.

Go on share your favorite London Dairy flavor with a loved one and give into pure indulgence....as a wise one rightly said ‘Ice cream is like life...there is always room for more’. There is no better way to be lost in flavors as we all know, Summer is coming and there is no better happiness than a bowl of ice-cream :)