Indulge with London Dairy’s Signature Flavor- Strawberry Cheesecake

“Every once in a while, a girl needs to indulge herself”, announced Sarah Jessica Parker from my television screen. Yeah, right. A few girls had monster bosses, I thought. It was yet another Friday evening where I had carried work home. And missed a getaway planned eons ago to a friend’s farmhouse surrounded by a strawberry farm. How did me, a carefree little girl turn into this workaholic cranky adult?? I mused. But no time for musings, my computer screen sprung into life reminding me of the 40-slide presentation to be readied by Monday morning. It was going to a boring weekend…. again. 

Later that evening, after a gym session my mood lifted a bit. Ma was making my favorite dinner and had extracted a promise that I would not follow my friends’ social media posts about the trip. I had been complaining non-stop about my spoiled weekend and specially missing an opportunity to taste fresh luscious strawberries.  I found that a little annoying but many a times Ma’s wisdom had saved my day. I walked past the corner ice-cream shop while tapping away on my phone. Something caught my eye and I decided to step in. On an impulse, I moved towards the London Dairy counter and looked at the various flavors vying for my attention. I had tried their Tiramisu flavor before but today I was drawn to another flavor - “Strawberry Cheesecake”. Was it a dessert or ice cream? Well I was soon going to find out. I bought a 500 ml tub without trying and hopped across the street towards home. Ma was busy in the kitchen, so I placed the container in the fridge & started surfing Friday night shows.

After dinner, I remembered something when I was a little kid. It was a little tradition in our house that Ma always got ice cream the day she received her paycheck. How I waited for the last day of the month when, Ma would come home and announce in a singsong voice “Surprise!!!!” I removed the ice cream from the fridge and walked towards Ma’s room and whispered that one word that had a lot of meaning for us- Surprise!!!  We settled down to eat…. straight from the tub, just like old days. It smelled yummy and the spoon glided easily across the creamy texture of the ice cream promising instant delight.

I took a mouthful and let it play on my taste buds. Three levels of goodness delighted me- creamy ice cream, luscious strawberry sauce & cream cheese bits…wow!! It tasted so yum that we just couldn’t stop. The generous cheese bits and strawberry sauce blended well to create a unique flavor that was like tasting winters in our mouths. I think I was smiling in my sleep that night.

London Dairy’s finely crafted signature flavor - Strawberry Cheesecake is a seasonal delight in its creamier avatar. For all those dessert lovers who always wanted to have their strawberry cheesecakes and scoop it, London Dairy invites you to indulge. Jam-packed with cheesy bits and swirls of luscious strawberry sauce, this sweet goodness will delight everyone at home. Share it with loved ones straight from the tub…just like me. With London dairy giving into indulgence is easy; one just needs to learn the art.

A 500 ml pack costs INR 325/- available across London Dairy Outlets.


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