The Perfect Party Food to Cheer Your Favorite Team during T20 matches

Oh yes this fan has it right. The Indian cricket team is currently HOTTER than mum's curry winning seven T20 matches on the trot. We are all hoping for India to maintain their prolific form and go for Glory in the T20 World Cup 2016. Its sure going to be an uphill task for teams as they try to beat us in our own backyard.

But have you taken care of everything before the big games? Invites to friends? And what about the food? How will you punch up the standard party fare so that your guests enjoy fresh flavors but do not feel too full? Help is at hand. Wicked Spoon Confessions lists some delectable and perfect party foods for hosting a perfect party during the T20 matches.

Love it sweet? Innovate with flavors like cookies and cream, nutella, salted caramel or peanut butter. Love a bit of spice? Add a twist with wasabi, hot sauce, smoked paprika or even the humble curry powder. We love it with cheese too. 

Chips n dips
Bring a variety of potato chips from your local grocery store or make some of your own with sweet potatoes. Add two to three different dips on the side for your guests to enjoy. We usually take some Greek yogurt and add some ginger garlic paste, salt and some finely chopped fresh dill leaves to make an extremely tasty and easy dip. 

Nachos and Salsa
Who doesn't love a huge pile of nachos, piled with grated cheese, refried beans and...well whatever you can imagine. Make the usual salsa with red and juicy tomatoes or go for the green variety to add a twist. 

Onion rings
Golden, crispy, batter fried and very easy to make. Add your own personal touch with adding beer to the batter for that extra crunch or go with herbs. The choice is yours. 

Spicy Cashew nuts
They taste yum and care for you with their heart protective monounsaturated fats. Available in supermarkets, you can make them into a great party food with some soft brown sugar, chili powder, cumin powder and some salt. 

Chicken Wings
Extra hot, hot or mildly spiced the internet is full of recipes to make perfect chicken wings. The best part is one can bake, fry or grill as per choice. 

Mini Burgers
Ah, our favorite. Mini burgers are great party food as they are easier to eat and serve than their counterparts. The small sizes ensure your guests can enjoy a variety of mini burgers made with chicken, vegetarian or minced mutton. Don't forget to add cheese. 

Kebabs and Tikkas
Universally liked, the Indian tikkas and Kebabs offer a good opportunity to the hosts to innovate. Just skewer some marinated chicken or mutton pieces, add red and yellow peppers and voila...see your guests enjoy. The best part? Make chicken tikka masala with the leftover chicken tikkas. 

Can you count the times you have had pizza? Date night, night out with colleagues, pajama parties or while satiating the late night cravings. For us, a pizza is not just an oven baked flat bread with some toppings, it is celebration food. So why not indulge in some this T20? 

Crust-less or with crust, with a layer of mint green chutney or peanut butter...sandwiches have come a long way. Dont like the regular smoked chicken or tomato and cheese one? Stuff some freshly made bhel (Indian chaat) and lightly grill them...we are confident they will be a bigger hit than the Aussie batsmen.

What's your favorite party food during the T20 Matches? Do tell us in the comments section below.  


  1. I like all your ideas and I am really impressed with your all preparations for holiday food. Everything seems to be well planned and food seems to be very delicious. I will consider it and will keep your tips in mind while setting up the menu for my party at New York venues.

    1. Thanks Donna and Hope you have a wonderful Party. Do share your pics on our FB page


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