Flying To San Francisco, One Of The Most Visited City In The World

“If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” the lyrics of the ever popular song were going round and round in my mind. I was so excited about visiting a city that I had longed to visit for years, often dreaming about the crisp cold San Francisco air and clear skies. I just could not stop thinking of walking across Union Street, watching the alluring merchandise in fancy shop windows with gaping eyes, and finally sitting down when delicious aromas beckoned to have juicy burgers and hearty milkshakes. My must-visit places list was overflowing and so was my bag that Ma had stuffed with gifts for our relatives living there. The only thing to do now was to set my case, catch a flight :)

The Majestic Golden Gate Bridge

But a little doubt was niggling at the back of my mind- the flight was going to be long. A flight from Mumbai to San Francisco could averagely take 19 hours plus, depending on your choice of the airline. I started my research for an airline that offered comfortable seats across all classes, good baggage allowance, and impeccable service on-board and on-ground while staying within my budget. And I stumbled across Cathay Pacific- an airline that has clinched many awards. I loved the reviews posted by travelers and started exploring more. Generous baggage allowance would allow me to carry all my stuff absolutely hassle free and the comfortable seats would make travel a breeze :). ...and the ticket price was in my budget too. Even the in-flight entertainment (extremely important when you travel longer routes) was appreciated by many travelers. I made my choice- I was going to fly Cathay Pacific to San Francisco.

The travel went smoothly with on-time take off and arrivals, delicious on-board meals, and comfy seats. The flight time had actually passed smoothly and swiftly and I landed in San Francisco and into my friends house where I was staying the night.

The next morning the sun shone down bright, announcing a day full of fun. As I got ready, I realized how important it is to enjoy a comfortable flight en-route to ensure making most of your stay in a beautiful city. You wake up fresh and comfortable, ready to explore new paths and see unseen sights.

The Beautiful San Fransisco Streets

I walked over the Golden Gate bridge and was stunned with its 1.7 miles span. The afternoon was spent exploring the famous Pier 39, an amazing festive market place that envelops you in its lazy warmth. One can take a ferry ride to see the legendary prison cells at Alcatraz, that housed notorious criminals or go all the way to Sausalito- a quaint town on the other side.

Sunset at Sausalito

Alcatraz - one of the famous spots in San Francisco

Days passed swiftly as I dined at world class restaurants in San Francisco during the night and explored food trucks or take away foodie delights during the day. My bag was overflowing with all the shopping from Union Street. During the cute cable car ride, I met a familiar face. The lady, having traveled all the way to meet her son studying in San Francisco, was in the same flight as mine- Cathay Pacific. We chatted and she remarked about the food that was served and the overall comfort enjoyed on our Cathay Pacific flight. And I agreed with her.

Don't Forget to Enjoy an Iconic Cable Car Ride

The day that announced my return to the bustling city of Mumbai, came quicker than expected. I had a mixed feeling that day- nostalgia about home and bit of regret that I was leaving San Francisco so soon. But one thing that I was sure of was my flight. I knew that I could easily replay all my favorite San Francisco memories in a comfortable Cathay Pacific flight. I couldn't wait to be on-board!!! 


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