Orange Peel Powder DIY

The health benefits of oranges are endless but as with all fruits, the peel is packed with more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than the fruit itself.

So next time you eat an orange, don't discard the peel but save it to make some orange peel powder which can be used to make homemade face masks or even sprinkled over French toast, oatmeal or yogurt.

So here is how orange peel powder can be whipped up:
  1. Source good quality oranges. Organic is preferable but be sure to wash general produce thoroughly. We had previously written a post on how pesticides can be removed from fruits and vegetables. Click here to read the post.
  2. Peel the oranges and chop the peels into thin slices. This will fasten the drying process.
  3. Spread the peels on a plate or tray and dry it under the sun. Cover the plate or tray to prevent dust and insect infestation. Make sure the water has completely evaporated and the peel looks dehydrated.
  4. Put all the peels in a thoroughly dried food processor and grind the peel to a fine powder and store in a jar.

Now that your powder is ready, let’s take a look at the properties and benefits of orange peel. Orange peel is a natural cleanser which penetrates and deep cleans pores. Therefore a face mask made with orange peel powder is beneficial for people who have persistent blackhead issues. The natural astringent properties of orange peel tightens skin and makes it firm. It controls excessive oiliness and prevents acne and pimples. The toning properties of orange peel refreshes the skin and protects it from dust and pollution. Overall it improves blood circulation in the skin which ensure nutrients from the blood reach and nourish the skin cells. So be sure to use the face mask if you have oily skin, blackhead problems, want to reduce pimple scars and want a smoother, softer skin.

Here are some easy homemade face mask ideas:
  1. Yogurt and Honey Mask (skin exfoliation mask): Mix 2 teaspoons of orange peel powder with 1 teaspoon yogurt and 1 teaspoon honey. Mix well and apply a thick coat on your face. Wait for around 15 minutes till the pack dries off and then rinse with water and dry your face with a towel. To avoid dry skin apply a moisturiser immediately.
  2. Orange Peel Powder and Sugar Scrub: Add orange peel powder and sugar in  a bowl. Pour some honey followed by coconut oil,  mix well and apply. Your skin will surely feel rejuvenated with this scrub and smell fresh.
  3. Orange Peel Powder Mask: Mix Orange peel powder and milk in equal proportions and apply to your face. Keep the pack for around 30 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly.  This mask is very effective in removing excess oil and dead skin cells.
Hope you enjoy this DIY and make some super face masks to look great and feel great.


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