Embracing Freedom With Pay Pal

I glanced at my smart phone furtively as it chimed early one morning, announcing the arrival of a message. As soon as I read the message, I broke into a smile. The message from my bank announced an automatic credit from my PayPal account into my bank account. Wow! And I was traveling at that time, miles away from home on an assignment. So it was true. I could accept international payments anytime, anywhere securely, without standing in long queues at the bank to deposit cheques or waiting in anticipation.

I turned to freelancing as a profession, nearly three years back and my journey in this world has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The best thing about my profession was the flexibility and freedom it provides but it sure has its downsides too!!! Receiving timely payments has been one of the biggest issues I have faced and I spent a lot of time generating invoices for the work delivered. This was coupled with the need to follow up on delayed payments.  This lead to an inordinate waste of time as I wanted to spend time growing my business rather than doing administrative work.  As business grew through word of mouth and higher engagement on freelancing platforms, I started spending   more and more time keeping a track of my pending payments and that left me thinking that I was fighting a lone battle!! I was looking for a faster and a convenient way to get paid for my assignments and reduce instances of defaults on payments.

A colleague then told me about PayPal- the world’s largest payment company in the world. I was tempted and went through a few easy steps to open an account. All that was required was a valid email address and bank account. PayPal helped me solve for one of the biggest issues I was facing in my business. On completion of my assignments, I got paid by my global clients via Pay Pal and was charged a small fee on every payment that I received. I could also regularly check my balance in my Pay Pal account and keep a tab on my earnings.

What’s more?. As a freelancer, I love the flexibility that my profession enjoys, and the future growth possibilities it offers and with Pay Pal, I have embraced total freedom. No more hassles for me or my clients across the globe who find it convenient to transfer payments via PayPal which saves them time and offers me security.


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