Vaya Tyffyn Review- A Smart Lunch Box To Carry Home Cooked Food

I have bitter-sweet memories of my lunchbox days in school. Sweet because it packed the goodness of a home cooked meal made lovingly by Ma. Bitter, because it never changed. It remained the three- tiered steel avatar throughout my school, college & early office life. Ma being a busy working woman chose to make innovative meals for me but put her foot down on packing my meals in plastic containers. Bye bye Mickey Mouse & muscle flexing Popeye, we would not look overlook the health hazards of plastic containers. I almost gave up on finding an aesthetically appealing lunchbox that kept my meals hot enough to outlast my fluctuating lunch times. Till I came across Vaya Tyffyn, a smart lunchbox to carry home cooked food in style.

I received a Vaya Tyffyn as a parting gift from a colleague. The little note she included with the gift read "The pleasure of  sharing fresh food with new colleagues is second to none." I decided to carry my Vaya Tyffyn to the first day at my new work place. The Tyffyn was packed in an attractive box.


The three containers of the Tyffyn come in sizes of 400 ml & 300 ml making it easy to pack an Indian meal of suzi, dal & rotis/rice. The oval shaped copper lined, stainless steel cover shell is equipped with VacuTherm technology. And it helps retain heat so you can enjoy warm & fresh meals even away from home. The copper finished stainless steel containers have double shot lids that ensure no leakages, so you can carry your favorite dish without worrying.

Ma smiled approvingly & decided to indulge me & made my favorite Kashmiri dum aloo, jeera rice & rotis for lunch as she was sure that the fragrance of her food would surely win friends for me at my new workplace.

I entered the packed cafeteria & sat gingerly next to my colleagues. I opened the smart & functional carrying bag & unzipped it to make it a table mat. As I removed the three vacuum insulated containers, I felt all eyes on my Vaya Tyffyn. Amidst friendly banter, I revealed the menu for the day & immediately recollected my school days when friends pounced on my lunch box. From the detachable pocket on the table mat, I removed my set of cutlery. When a colleague spilled water on my table mat, I just laughed as I brushed it away from its waterproof surface.

The food was warm even after being packed early in the!!! In fact, Vaya Tyffyn keeps food fresh & warm for 6 hours & can fit into a laptop bag...but with a carrying bag so stylish, why hide your Vaya Tyffyn? Now, as I carry it everyday to work, I am delighted to have found a lunchbox that makes my food look delicious- inside & outside :) Pair it with Vaya Drynk a stainless-steel water bottle that retains temperature of the stored liquid.

Go ahead & carry your home cooked meals in style with Vaya Tyffyn. And do not forget to share the goodness with friends & family, as Vaya Tyffyn makes for a great gift too. To order & know more about how to use Vaya Tyffyn, click here


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