Ezee Hugs - an initiative by Godrej Ezee to spread warmth to underprivileged children during harsh winters.

Henry David Thoreau said “In the winter, warmth stands for all virtue. Winters are all about staying cozy with warm clothes, good food & warm drinks served with love & care. Winters are also about warm hugs from loved ones. We look forward to winters as its the time to be enveloped in warm winter clothes & care of loved ones. But for many underprivileged children who brave cold weather without warm clothes, winters are an enormous struggle.

The #EzeeHugs campaign by Godrej Ezee stems from the basic thought that while enjoy the warmth of the winters, isn't it a case of fundamental social equity that we also try spread some warmth to those who have none?

Winters are harsh for underprivileged children, can distributing warm hugs, make it a little Ezee for them?

Let me share with you what I learnt about this campaign (Disclaimer: I have a close friend in the organizing committee - the numbers that I quote are via her)

With an objective of building awareness about winter related hardships of underprivileged children & alleviating them, Ezee took the responsibility of building awareness for this important social cause by urging people to donate their wollens through its social good campaign called “Ezee Hugs”. The initiative  reached to the people in Delhi/NCR region and pursued them to provide warmth to those who have none with a simple gesture- donating their old woolen clothes.

The initiative garnered participation from more than 145 schools like Delhi Public School, Mayoor School, Ryan International School, Amity International school & more that appealed to their students to donate their woolens to needy children. Collections were also done via boxes placed in various Hindustan Times Qualified Booking Centres across Delhi/NCR

Ezee Hugs also partnered with OLA Cabs that collected wollens from the donors’ homes via an integration in the OLA App. Emails and SMS were also sent to the users to remind them to donate their old wollens for the needy. The initiative saw participation in large numbers and bringing the tally of collected wollens to a whopping 76742. These wollens were redistributed to the underprivileged kids through the Aarohan NGO.

76742/- winter smiles - brilliant isn't it?

I dropped an email to Godrej , requesting them to update me on the plans for the campaign next year. I think there's scope of amplifying the message even more from here and many stakeholders who can come on-board and make the cause even bigger.

I choose to make it Ezee, for winters to come. Would you want to join too? The #EzeeHugs digital campaign was a huge success as clearly depicted in this video.

To know more : www.ezeehugs.com


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