Delicious Food of Odisha

Two things come to our mind immediately when we talk about Odisha, erstwhile Orissa—one is the Jagannath temple of Puri and the other is Odisha’s rich culinary heritage.

Odia cuisine is flavourful and has a range of unique dishes which are less oily and spicy compared to other regional cuisines of India. Mustard oil and ghee are primarily used in cooking along with several regional vegetables such as plantain, papaya and jackfruit. Similar to the Punjabi garam masala or the Bengali panch phoran, Odia cuisine has panch phutana, its own traditional spice mix. Rice, lentils, vegetables, seafood and sweets form a major part of this cuisine.

As with other cuisines, regional influences play an important role in Odia cuisine too. The food preparations in Puri and Cuttack regions are heavily influenced by temple food. The regions closer to Bengal use mustard and kalonji paste in their dishes and the regions closer to Andhra Pradesh use more of curry leaves and tamarind. Though there may be variations to the recipes of these dishes across India, the popularity of these dishes from the Odia cuisine is immense! Let’s look at some of such interesting and popular delights from the Odia cuisine

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