Edible Gum (Gond) Benefits & How To Eat Gond

The onset of winters welcomes a myriad variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits & herbs. Delicacies are prepared with oodles of love across Indian kitchens with special ingredients to boost immunity, strengthen bones & provide heat during the cold weather. One such delicious preparation, Gond ke ladoo is made with edible gum (gond) that is highly nutritive in nature. But did you know that gond (edible gum) is a crystalline herb? Also, known as gond katira or dink, edible gum is obtained from sap of plants. Moreover, the absence of taste & aroma makes it a great addition in herbal drinks too. 

Let's look at some edible gum (gond) benefits that include keeping your joints healthy, better gut health, boost vitamin D levels & more:

Healthy & Strong Bones: 

As we age, bone strength suffers. Consumption of gond along with desi ghee, dry fruits & Indian spices helps boost bone health. Also, the ghee present in gond ke ladoos helps lubricate the joints, relieving any niggling joint pains. Now, did you know this edible gum (gond) benefit for bones?

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Increases lactation:

We all know that gond laddoos are highly beneficial for lactating mothers as it helps increase milk production. Also, since feeding mothers loose a lot of nutrients during lactation period, consuming gond helps with mother & child's nutritional requirements. In addition, since women face a lot of weakness post delivery, consuming this crystalline herb helps by increasing bone strength, boost immunity & prevent infections. 

Edible gum benefits Ayurveda:

In Ayurveda, gond is known for it's purgative properties that helps maintain better gut health. As a matter of fact, addition of gond in herbal drinks like kadha helps soothe & cure minor throat infections. 

Edible gum benefits for skin:

You will be surprised to know that consuming as well as applying edible gum on facial skin is highly beneficial for skin health. Gond helps in delaying the onset of wrinkles & premature aging of skin when consumed. Moreover, a facial mask made with almond paste, gond & milk helps smoothen the complexion & keep wrinkles at bay. 

Helps build immunity: 

Studies show that gond contains anti-microbial properties that helps keep minor infections at bay. Consuming gond in form of laddoos made with other healthy & warming ingredients helps boost immunity. 

Aids in weight loss:

Most of the times, we end up indulging in junk food to satiate hunger pangs. Gond panjiri (a winter delicacy) or gond ke ladoo helps control hunger pangs when consumed. As a result, one feels full for a longer time avoiding any binge eating.

Helps Boost Vitamin D levels: 

Struggling with low vitamin D levels? Try adding edible gum to your diet as it helps cure vitamin D deficiency. Apart from this get your daily dose of this sunshine vitamin by going for walks before 9 am every morning. 

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Can we eat gond daily?

Edible gum (gond) is usually mixed with ghee, dry fruits & other ingredients to for a palatable taste, making it calorie- rich. Moreover, it should be consumed in winter months as it helps keep the body warm. Do practice moderation while consuming delicacies made with gond for enjoying maximum health benefits.


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