How to Plan a Budget Friendly Honeymoon Trip in 2022

The trend of going on a vacation to unwind after stressful few weeks of planning and executing a wedding is an old one. It is not going anywhere because who would miss out on a chance to plan an exotic vacation? The excitement and thrill of going to an unknown and unseen place to soak in the cultural and culinary diversity of a place should not be dampened by a tight budget. 

A lot of times, people view their honeymoon trips as an expense that will eat up most of their savings and leave them in debt. This cannot be far from the truth. There are beautiful honeymoon destinations outside India that will leave you mesmerized and not cost a lot too. Mauritius, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, and Malaysia are some of the destinations that you can enjoy without worrying about finances.

Whenever you're planning a budget trip, there are a few things you should remember to make it an all-around success. Here are a few tips you can use to enjoy your trip as well as not miss out on any fun!

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Things to remember when planning a budget friendly honeymoon trip

1. Make your bookings in advance - No matter where you decide to travel, doing the bookings in advance is super important. This gives you clarity of where you will be travelling, your dates and helps to formalize your itinerary. Bookings in advance are a good idea especially when you are visiting in an ideal season or around holidays. Flight tickets just become more expensive closer to the date.

2. Travel insurance - Travelling to newer countries also means exposing yourself to more risks. Even though you might be careful, there may be some situations that will crop up which you have no control over. Travel insurance is the best way to tackle any unfortunate circumstances that you may come across while travelling. 

When you are focusing on the serenity and beauty of a place, you don't have to worry about things going wrong or you being stuck without anywhere to turn to. Travel insurance takes care of loss of passport, loss of baggage, rescheduling of flights, and any medical emergencies you may have overseas. 

Healthcare across the world may be more expensive than in India and it would be wise to not leave yourself vulnerable to the possibility of paying a fortune for medical treatments. Don't forget to pack your first aid essentials because accidents and emergencies can happen unexpectedly. It's crucial to be prepared by having your first aid essentials packed and readily accessible. Learn toronto first aid to acquire skills that can empower you to respond effectively to medical emergencies wherever you are.

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3. Start saving in advance - Although the cost of the bookings and such things will remain the same, if you manage to save extra, you will have a higher margin for activities, shopping, and other luxuries you may wish to experience. If you are looking to taste the full flavour of what the place has to offer, then a few extra bucks cannot hurt. Start an account or keep some money aside every month to ensure you save enough for a comfortable trip.

4. Scope the places you can stay and have meals at - If you are with your better half, you may wish to skip hostels to stay. If you are looking for private yet affordable accommodations you can search for places online and look them up before you land there. Apart from this, you can ask your friends and family if any of them have visited the place before. Try the food that locals have to offer and enjoy the scrumptious meals around the tourist sites you are visiting.

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5. Figure out the local means of transport - Before you land there, you can check out the best means of transport the place has to offer and the best ways to get around the place. The local transport can be doable and much cheaper compared to hired taxis and cabs.  Even if you wish to hire a cab, you can always go there and search for a good option.

6. Ensure you spend on your priorities - Planning your honeymoon should be a good memory rather than a daunting task. Ensure you and your partner have your priorities right and work towards them. If you wish to stay at a luxurious hotel with a pool and a view, then focus on that and cut down on other expenses. If you are interested in shopping, then get some cash ready and hit the markets in search of the newest trends. 

7. Avoid going through a travel agent - Travel agents often charge a high price for planning your trip and making your bookings. Instead, look at making the bookings yourself and preparing an itinerary to save funds that can be redirected for a better purpose.

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8. Embrace opportunities to earn while you travel - There are a lot of people who ensure they earn something on the side while travelling. Whether it is trading in stocks, cryptocurrency, gold, or any other investment, you can do all of this on the go. These backup options are also great for when you need liquid assets on short notice. Even if you get Wifi a few moments a day, you can think of earning a few bucks to pad your wallet and boost your experience.

The joy of immersing oneself in a place and experiencing the wonders the foreign land has to offer are the things most people travel for. Whether it is a budget honeymoon trip or a luxury cruise, it is up to you to make the most of your holiday! 


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