Vaya Drynk - Your Versatile & Environment Friendly Companion

I enjoy a love-hate relationship with exercise. I hate starting it but love finishing it. My problem, you see is a simple one that haunts many of my generation. I am perennially busy. Countless assignments, social engagements and a never ending "To Do" list keep me busy. Having tried and abandoned many forms of exercise like swimming, aerobics, strength and endurance training, I discovered the multi fold benefits of brisk walking by chance. Studies show that indulging in a brisk walk regularly helps you de-stress, loose weight and helps prevent a number of chronic diseases. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a will to get up and get out of the house and a versatile companion- the type that keeps you hydrated. Yes, you really need it because walking and staying hydrated go hand in hand.

Having found a suitable form of exercise, I was searching for an environment friendly water bottle that would help me hydrate with a drink of choice- cold water, fresh juices, protein milkshakes or my favorite- infused water. That's when I stumbled upon Vaya Drynk stainless-steel water bottle that retains temperature of the stored liquid- hot or cold with its VacuTherm Insulation technology. Though I saw many options, looking for environment friendly options was a bit tough- a few lightweight bottles I liked were made with plastic and other heat-retaining bottles were either heavy or came in a bulky design.

The first thing that I liked about Vaya Drynk was it's versatility. Not only could I beat the heat with a cool drink while exercising or traveling, Vaya Drynk also helped me carry hot beverages like coffee/tea on the go. The versatile Vaya Drynk helps keep liquids upto 12 hours hot and 18 hours cold. Vaya Drynk, with its easy to hold design and sleek stainless body offers a choice of two sizes, Drynk 600 and Drynk 350. The bottle comes comes with  lids for extra convenience. The sipper lid and a gulper lid that is attached with two glasses made with BPA free plastic.

Want to enjoy some piping hot masala tea outdoors? Just make some and pour into Drynk and attach the gulper lid and two cups. Want to sip some lemon water post exercise? Attach the sipper lid to the tumbler and sip away to goodness. The magnetic latch keeps the lid open so you do not hit your nose while sipping and the hygienic spout area ensures a controlled flow of liquids. Now Sip-Gulp-Share with Vaya Drynk, ah! love the freedom of choice :D

The other thing I absolutely loved about Drynk is its easy to carry and clean body that comes with an anti-slip coaster base. I now take Vaya Drynk along on my long walks and hydrate easily and in style! Additionally, it also fits into my bag and the car holder easily, making it my perfect companion during my travels. With festival season around the corner, Vaya Drynk is a perfect and innovative gifting choice for loved ones across age groups with active lifestyles.

Now walk your way to increased fitness, happiness and productivity or take it along with you to shopping malls or workplace, Vaya Drynk is your versatile and environment friendly companion. Available in appealing colors like Gold, Black, Graphite, Purple, Green, Blue and white. Easily available to order from Vaya website or leading e commerce sites like Amazon India, prices start at INR 1040.