Review: Hornby’s Pavilion, ITC’s round the clock multi-cuisine restaurant

What You See- My heels clicked noisily on the polished marble passageway of ITC Grand Central as I made my way up the elevator and to the 24 hour dining restaurant - Hornby's Pavilion. As soon as we settled down, my eyes fell on servers smilingly bustling around taking orders and guests peering down at the huge buffet spread.

The restaurant was quiet full and happy murmurs filled my ears. Well lit and spacious, the neatly arranged table quickly set the right mood.

The Dazzling ITC Parel's Reception Area

What You Get-Temptation beckoned to try the popular and scrumptious buffet spread, but being in a phase where every morsel is quickly converted into calories, I settled for à la carte menu. I did steal a glance at the spread, which comprised of Indian, European and Chinese fare and had salads, appetizers, soups, mains and desserts.

Hornby’s Pavilion

We settled for Mojito and lemon Ice tea to start with. The Mojito was flavorful and tangy just like a refreshing drink should be. The Lemon Ice tea came a tad too sweet and was quickly replaced on our request. Brownie points to the quick service. The menu had a good selection of North Indian, Oriental and Chinese dishes. Noteworthy varieties of wood fired pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and Ice creams vie for your attention. I settled for “Parsi Gymkhana Sandwich” which came loaded with salami, bacon, fried egg, crunchy lettuce and flavorful mayonnaise. The multigrain bread housing the fresh ingredients of the sandwich was delicious and toasted crisp. A side serving of golden and crisp potato wedges and stir fried carrots and baby corn, made it a huge meal which two of us happily shared.

Parsi Gymkhana sandwhich
Parsi Gymkhana sandwhich

Hornby’s Pavilion has a good selection of desserts and ice creams and they are definitely worth a try. We tried Tropical Sunrise sundae, which was delightful! Scoops of caramel, mango, blueberry, and almond surrounded vanilla to form an melange of flavors. The sundae was decorated with meringue sticks and kiwi slices to add sweet and tangy flavors.

Tropical Sundae
Tropical Sundae

Verdict- Named after the erstwhile Governor of Mumbai, William Hornby, this cheerful restaurant, offers a culinary experience of Indian and international cuisines. The Innovative and cosmopolitan menu offers quiet a good choice with seasonal twists, as well as traditional Indian favorites. Hornby’s Pavilion is open round-the-clock and serves buffet spreads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Sunday brunch is immensely popular and is also good value for money. The à la carte portion is good for two people if you prefer to eat light. The service is quiet good and valet parking facilities are available.

ITC Grand Central, 287, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Parel, Mumbai
Call: (+91) 22 24101010,

What You Pay For a Meal for Two- INR 3000 plus taxes

Anytime Between- Open 24 Hours


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