10 Must-have Exotic Teas from Chai Infusion

The story of tea began more than 5000 years ago in ancient China with Emperor Shen Nung, when a few dried leaves fell into boiling water. The emperor tasted it and found it very refreshing…. and thus began the never ending love affair of tea and our taste buds. Tea has featured in our history books (Boston Tea Party), Tourism Trails, cookery shows books and in desserts. Our favorite cup of tea has come a long way and is now available in exotic gourmet flavors that offer pristine experiences in a cup.

Happiness is...a cup of Tea!

A few companies like Chai- Infusion source teas directly from small tea estates producing flavorful and authentic boutique teas that remind of forgotten aromas from around the country. These teas are then blended and with delightful herbs, fruits and spices to infuse flavor and health benefits to your cuppa.

Wicked Spoon Confessions lists 10 must try exotic flavors from Chai- Infusion, a company that believes in sourcing exquisite teas that offer unforgettable experiences & well being of the mind & body.

1. Pure Joy- As the name suggests, this blend is a delightful blend of green tea, rose, hibiscus and licorice. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that have positive effects on our body and improves brain function. Licorice helps in soothing cold & flu symptoms & aids in stomach ailments too. Go for this blend to enjoy flavor and health hand in hand.

2. Green Tea Chamomile- Green tea infused with chamomile that is recognized for its health and beauty benefits.  A powerhouse of anti-oxidants & anti- inflammatory properties this infusion eases discomfort in the digestive track, soothes minor migraines & promotes good sleep.

3. Exotic Cinapple- An exotic black tea blended with spicy Indian cinnamon, dried apple pieces and marigold petals. Cinnamon helps in blood sugar control, stomach bug and is known for its anti-bacterial properties. In this blend, cinnamon compliments the tart apple taste that spells “E-X-O-T-I-C” all the way.

4. Fleur Lemon- A lively brew crafted with long leaf black tea, lemon peels, lavender petals & lemon essential oil. Lemon is a powerful antiseptic and lemon essential oil offers instant rejuvenation of mind & body. Enjoy this citrusy flavor to be transported instantly to a happy place!

5. Lingering Licorice- An invigorating blend of black tea, refreshing sweet licorice and freshly ground cinnamon- our absolute favorite. This tea is invigorating, refreshing and comforting…need we say more?

6. Forest Wildberries- Goodness of green tea infused with fruity flavors of cranberry, cherries, elderberry and strawberry. If berries are your thing, this blend is a must try.

7. Ginger & Lemon Green Tea- A blend of green tea, lemon peels and dried ginger pieces that boosts the immune system, eases stomach disorders, promotes a healthy heart and revitalizes any time of the day.

8. White Tea Jasmine- Handpicked baby buds grown in higher lands make white tea, one of the rare teas in the world. Known as the most powerful anti-oxidant teas in the world, white tea promotes cardiovascular health, lowers cancer risks & aids in weight loss. Infused with subtle jasmine flavor, enjoy this relaxing blend and watch the world slow down.

9. Earl Grey- A blend of citrus flavors of Bergamot oil and Orthodox Black tea that come together to offer a distinctive experience. Bergamot, a citrus fruit from the Mediterranean region is used for extracting bergamot oil that eases stress & lowers cholesterol.

10. Mumbai Masala Chai- A pucca “Mumbaiya” swears by that one tapri (roadside tea stall) that sells the best tea in the world. Bring home the goodness of select masala (spices) like cinnamon, pepper, dried ginger, nutmeg, star anise & more blended with black tea to make a cup that is full of memories.

Enjoy the Magic of Masalas in the Mumbai Masala Chai.

Happiness is a cup of tea…so slow down, take a step back, seat at your favorite spot and sip a cup of a chosen exotic tea, slowly and reverently. Chai- Infusion sources directly from small tea estates producing flavorful and authentic boutique teas that remind of forgotten aromas from around the country. You can also try their range of artisan Blooming teas that slowly blossom into exquisite flower shapes, when steeped in hot water. Use a transparent kettle and watch the magic unfold, a splendid gift for any tea lover.

Blooming Teas from Chai Infusion.

Do remember just like Rome was not built in a day, having a single cup of tea may not drastically improve overall health. Compliment your daily tea drinking ritual with a healthy lifestyle to enjoy full benefits. As Ma says, there is nothing that a cup of warm tea can’t fix.

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