10 Interesting Facts about Single Malt

A large population in India drinks whisky, particularly scotch. However, very few know how that bottle got that scotch that it holds. One should not only enjoy his or her drink, but should also know how that drink came into existence and how it is what it is! Needless to say, not only such information helps you enjoy the drink even more, but also helps you impress other people with your small talk about such facts in a party and are great ice breakers! :)

Continuing with the revelations on various mixology facts, Wicked Spoon Confessions now brings to you 10 little known facts about single malt whisky.

1. A single malt is made exclusively from the mush that is obtained from mashing barley grains. This mush is fermented to produce the single malt in a distillery. In fact, in Scotland, barley is grown exclusively for producing single malts.

2. A single malt whisky is the product of processing the mush of a single grain (barley) at a single distillery. This means that this single distillery product does not contain a mix of any other whisky from some other distillery. It is unique in itself and each distillery has its own special taste and flavor.

3. Did you know that all scotch whiskeys (including single malts) must be distilled and matured in Scotland? That definitely is one pleasant monopoly as I don’t know if I can associate scotch with any other place ever!

4. The maximum numbers of malt whisky distilleries are located in the Speyside region of northeast Scotland. Some other major malt whisky producing distilleries are located in Highlands, Lowlands Islay and Campbeltown regions. A seasoned whisky connoisseur can even identify the region of Scotland in which a particular whisky was produced!

5. At present, there are approximately 100 distilleries in various regions of Scotland producing single malts. However, the number keeps changing as many distilleries close down for some period to clear their stock first.

6. By law, single malts must be matured in oak casks. These casks play a major role in giving flavor to the malt depending on for how long has the whiskey been matured for, how many times has the cask been used to mature whisky and whether it’s an American or a European oak cask.

7. A single malt whiskey is aged for at least three years in either American oak or European oak casks. These casks should not have capacity of more than 700 liters. After the aging, the whisky is bottled with a minimum 40% alcohol by volume (ABV).

8. Glenfiddich is considered the first one to be sold as single malt in open market. It was also the first to be sold in airport retail shops, thereby, making it popular throughout the world.

9. There is usually an age statement mentioned on the label of the whiskey bottle. This age statement is in the form of a number and indicates the age of the youngest whisky used to produce that product. A whisky with an age statement is known as guaranteed-age whisky.

10. Last but not the least—the best way to drink single malt is to mix some water with whisky in the glass and sip it away. Do not add ice to the whisky, as ice tends to lower the temperature and hide the whisky’s flavor and aroma. Water at room temperature, on the other hand, will reduce the alcohol level to a (generally) tolerable level and also bring out the flavors of the whisky.

In case you haven’t had single malts yet, you can try some of the more popular brands like Glenmorange, Glendfiddich, Glenlivet and Laphoraige.

As James Joyce said “The Light music of a single malt falling into a glass is an agreeable interlude” . So go ahead and enjoy your drink, but make sure you do that responsibly!

Disclaimer: This post caters to audience above 25 years of age. Alcohol consumption is injurious to health, drink responsibly, don't drink and drive.  


  1. Nice article Sachin

  2. Very well written and especially nice quote James to all alcoholic "So go ahead and enjoy your drink, but make sure you do that responsibly!".... Ha ha ha...hope so no one miss this part..!!

  3. Interesting information about single malt. Loved the last part with the quote especially.

  4. Interesting and informative.... Well written too. Thanks for sharing it

  5. Great to know the true meaning of "Single Malt" as there is always confusion like blended Scotch Whisky... Now its clear,,, Let me try some Single Malt now..Can you help in discounted supply of Single Malt in New Delhi...?
    Thanks in Advance... keep sharing such article

  6. Great story about one of my favorite refreshments . I got the quote from Joyce wrong .Thought
    it read " So go ahead , and enjoy your drinks ,and he sure to drink repeatedly " instead of responsibly. This is great information .

  7. Please get your spellings right. You have got two of the best known single malt brands in the world WRONG! Glemnmorangie and Laphroaig. Sad.

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