10 Interesting Facts About Red Earth Kabini Resort

Located amidst the beautiful wilderness of the Kabini region, Red Earth Kabini boasts of mind-blowing vistas of backwaters. Lush gardens, soothing birdcalls, personalized guest activities; delectable food and comfortable cottages with an open air Jacuzzi make the resort an ideal getaway. Wicked Spoon Confessions recently enjoyed an idyllic getaway at Red Earth and indulged in a safari hunt to spot the elusive wildcat. No luck there but we did come back with successful from the hunt for 10 interesting facts about this unique luxury wildlife resort.

1. The logo of Red Earth Kabini symbolizes a Jackfruit tree that stood upright & survived heavy lightning, thundershowers and winds. The tree was struck down & the resort suffered heavily. Ravi (owner & founder) took it on to nurture the Jackfruit back to its old glory.
The Jackfruit Tree a symbol of Red Earth Ethos

The Beautiful Birds Spotted at Red Earth Kabini

2. Whilst construction of the resort, stone tablets that were later dated to 4th century BC were unearthed. This unfolded a story of the Punata civilization recorded by Ptolemy the Greek writer about ancient Egyptians having traded with this civilization for cotton.  Apparently Egyptian mummies were wrapped in Indian cotton.

3. Prince Liam, the resident Rottweiler leaps over 7 feet walls, guard the safe ferociously and yet troops along with the in-house cats to the kitchens when fresh bread & muffins are served.

4. A 1600-year-old Shiva temple across the resort’s waters has been plundered for its wealth. But the main linga is intact with a cobra that has protected it over the years.

5. Anitha, a young mother of two from our village, broke away from an abusive relationship. She’s now trained as a South Indian chef and is bringing up her two daughters with dignity.

6. Prakash- Security guard by day & Pinto the magician by night is an example of Red Earth’s ethos in sustainable tourism where 98% of their staff is from the local village & tribal community.

Prakash becomes Pinto at Red Earth Kabini.

7. There are more than 120 art & dance forms in Karnataka out of which only 60 survive today. Red Earth has joined hands with an NGO that trains college drop outs in various existing art forms and gives them a platform to perform, thus ensuring the art form survives also our guests get to witness rural Karnataka.

Performances of Forgotten Art Forms at Red Earth Kabini

8. Red Earth is uniquely positioned in a peninsular with the Kabini backwaters on all 3 sides and 2 in-house lakes.

9. The coracle rides enjoyed by guests are actually circular bamboo boats introduced by the Scotsmen. In the olden days, these basket boats were lined by buffalo skin. Due to their round and linear shape they cut through water easily, though they require special skills to steer them through the water.  

The Coracle Ride at Red Earth Kabini.

10. As part of sustainable living, Red Earth has tried not to fell trees for their furniture. Most of the furniture is antique. In fact, some of their bed and pillars from Chettinad region are 600 years old.

The Beautiful Furniture at Red Earth Kabini.

A view of the pool, cottage, outdoor jacuzzi & spa. 

Do not miss the safari while you indulge in a pleasant stay at Red Earth, Kabini. The sighting of three mighty predators-tiger, wild dogs and leopard is good and one can also spot jackals, sloth bears, grey monsoon, spotted deer and sambar. Here are a few clicks taken at the Nagarhole National Park by Aditya, an avid naturalist, foodie and music lover...and runs Grassroots, a beautiful tented property located at Wayanad, Kerala.


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