Must Try Foods For Healthy Glowing And Younger Looking Skin

Did you know that the eternal search for healthy glowing and younger looking skin can culminate in your kitchen? We all are what we eat. Hence, if you want to look like a million bucks, start avoiding  junk foods and embrace superfoods that shall make your skin glow! However, do remember to follow healthy stress free lifestyle habits as diet cannot work in isolation. Furthermore, using sunscreen while stepping out in the sun, avoiding consumption of alcohol & processed foods and hydrating well are a few good habits to inculcate in our daily lives. Moreover, if you are looking for best foods for skin and hair, this article is an informative read.

Green leafy vegetables for glowing skin:

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale are one of the best foods that make skin glow. Additionally, the benefits of green leafy vegetables are that they are loaded with vitamins, minerals but low on calories. The antioxidants present in greens help fight free radical damage. Similarly, the vitamin A helps flush out toxins & strengthen skin tissue. Moreover some greens are rich in folate that helps in new cell production. Here are some interesting ways to include more spinach in your diet.

Lemon for healthy glowing skin:

Lemons are full of vitamin C that helps achieve an even skin tone. Adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice to your food is a great way to reduce salt intake. Besides drinking lemon juice without added sugars for skin is highly beneficial too as it helps keep skin blemish free. Here are 10 reasons why you should include lemons in your diet. However, a few studies say that there maybe disadvantages of applying lemon juice on face directly. Do check with your dermatologist before opting to do so.

Ginger for skin glow:

Ginger is used extensively across Indian kitchens to flavour curries, dals and chutneys. Studies show that there are more than 40 antioxidants present in ginger that helps combat free radical damage to skin cells & promotes collagen production. In the same way, ginger tea benefits for skin include providing a healthy dose of antioxidants, prevention of premature skin aging & an even skin tone.

Turmeric for skin glow:

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory & anti microbial properties that helps reduce skin inflammation & reveal fresh younger looking skin.  If you are looking to answer "how to use turmeric for skin" one of the most easiest way is to make turmeric root tea with honey or a turmeric latte. Besides, enjoy it while relaxing with an easy DIY face mask make of gram flour (besan), turmeric powder & yogurt as a great TLC. Moreover, try including organic turmeric powder in your daily cooking. As a matter of fact, turmeric is known as an ultimate food for skin repair.

Green Tea for healthy skin:

Did you know consuming green tea on a regular basis helps fight cancer? The powerful antioxidants present help fight damage caused by UV rays. In addition, the vitamin E present helps repair skin cells & new cell production. The vitamin B2 present helps in maintaining collagen levels.

Fruits for healthy glowing skin:

Including a variety of fruits is one of the best way to enjoy blemish free healthy glowing skin. Studies show that brightly colored fruits like strawberries, blueberries  help reduce our skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Moreover, avocados help give a firm hydrated appearance to skin & reduce appearance of wrinkles. Citrus fruits like oranges & sweet limes help in collagen production due to presence of vitamin C. Similarly, papaya contains vitamin A that helps nourish the skin.

To sum up, foods that provide fiber, lean proteins, antioxidant, vitamin C, collagen and contain anti inflammatory & anti microbial properties are best foods for skin repair. To be sure, nourish yourself from within as a great step towards achieving healthy glowing and younger looking skin. Moreover, if you are looking are some healthy recipes with Indian superfoods, click here 

For an easy glowing skin Indian diet, try including spices like turmeric in cooking, ginger tea, green tea, vegetables like peppers & spinach in curries or soups and plenty of yogurt. 


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