Know More About Pathimugam - Kerala Herbal Pink Water

Nature as they say, is the best physician. Mother nature provides us with simple ingredients that often work like medicine. Using ingredients that contain medicinal properties help us treat many common ailments without rushing to the nearest pharmacy or general physician. Water boiled with Pathimugam (Indian red wood/sappanwood) is a popular thirst quencher in Kerala, often served at home and in restaurants. Lets know more about Pathimugam, Kerala's herbal pink water.

Water boiled with pathimugam is slightly pinkish to red in color and is an excellent cure for kidney disorders, diabetes, skin related problems and more. Boil few shavings of pathimugam (easily available in ayurvedic stores) for 5-6 minutes till water turns pink and strain. Consume it when warm, through the day to reap multiple health benefits. Make fresh water as and when required.

Lets look at some health benefits of consuming pathimugam:

Helps quench thirst:
Summer days are spent consuming lot of fluids and coolers as we feel thirsty throughout the day. Pathimugam helps quench thirst during hot summer days and reduces our intake of sugar laden aerated drinks.

Rich in anti-oxidants:
Pathimugam is loaded with anti-oxidants that help combat harmful effects of free radicals. If you do not like the taste of green tea, pathimugam is a great alternative.

Prevents water borne diseases
Boiling drinking water with pathimugam helps purify the water and prevent harmful effects of water-borne disease. During seasonal changes, pathimugam helps calm stomach disorders.

Helps prevent acne & skin disorders
Suffering from acne and tired of chemical laden creams available in markets? Consume good amounts of pathimugam through the day and see the difference. One can also use this pink herbal drink to wash face a few times a day. Pathimugam is known to improve complexion after regular consumption.

Helps purify blood 
Drinking pathimugam helps purify blood and cure blood disorders according to Ayurveda.


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  3. Can I Prepare the water and keep it for 1 week?
    Is there any harmful effect of that?


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