Superfoods- Delicious & Easy Vegetarian Recipes With Indian Superfoods

Superfoods, a term that appears constantly on food trends, restaurant menus & gourmet food labels. Although, many argue that there is no such thing, certain type of foods are nutrient dense than their counter parts. And they show positive results when included in diets. So, what's so different about superfoods? Simply put, superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that can be used in various ways for a healthier diet. Moreover, they are rich in micro-nutrients & provide a certain amount of health benefits when consumed correctly. However, one needs to know that maintaining overall health & living disease- free is a constant process & no single food can help achieve that objective.

Worldwide, superfoods list includes dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, berries such as goji berries blue berries, seaweed & more. However, sourcing these may be a difficult & expensive exercise. In addition, one may benefit more by consuming superfoods that are locally produced. The Indian superfoods list includes moringa, turmeric, amla, makhana (lotus seeds), millets such as ragi, desi ghee & more. But, do hold on before you rush to buy a superfood recipes book.

Here are some delicious & easy vegetarian recipes with Indian superfoods, that are definitely worth making:

Moringa Mint Lemonade:

Moringa powder, derived from dried plant leaves is a nutrient rich superfood. Additionally, we have covered it's benefits in great detail in our previous blog

To make this healthy lemonade, take 1 litre chilled water, juice of two lemons & one tbsp moringa powder & mix well. Muddle a handful of fresh mint leaves & add to the lemonade. Add honey for sweetness. Chill in the fridge for couple of hours. Serve with ice.

Ragi Pancakes With Cinnamon Honey

A great superfood breakfast recipe, these ragi pancakes are a healthy twist to regular pancakes.

To make 6 pancakes, mix together 1/2 cup ragi flour, 1/2 cup wheat flour, 1/2 mashed banana  & salt with warm water. Adjust the batter to be of pouring consistency. Meanwhile, mix together a little cinnamon powder with honey. Pour one ladle of ragi batter on a hot Iron girdle (greased with ghee) & cook on both sides till golden. Drizzle cinnamon honey & serve hot.

Makhana Bhel

Boil, peel & chop into cubes one large potato. Chop one tomato & keep aside. Similarly, finely chop one onion. Take two cups roasted makhana & put in a zip lock pouch. Crush lightly with a rolling pin. Now, add the chopped items to the crushed makhanas. Add a pinch of Himalayan salt & lemon juice to taste & mix. Serve garnished with chopped coriander. In addition, to make it more tangy, add chopped raw mango.

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A tasty superfood snack recipe is ready!

Buckwheat (kuttu) dhokla

A great superfood gluten free recipe, these dhoklas are ready in a jiffy!  

Soak one cup buckwheat in curd for 20-30 mins. After 30 mins add salt as per taste, ginger-green chili paste, cooking soda, little oil & mix. Add a little warm water to make a thick batter. Gease a round plate & pour the batter evenly. Steam the dhoklas till done (approx 15-20 minutes). Cut into squares & serve hot with green chutney.

Amaranth (Rajgira) Theplas

Amaranth, commonly known as Rajgira is an emerging star in the list of super foods. To know it's many benefits, read here. Gujarati households make delicious recipes with Rajgira flour, listed below is one such nutrient dense recipe.

250 gms Rajgira Flour
1 teaspoon ghee (warmed)
1 medium sized boiled potato (mashed)
A pinch of black pepper powder
Salt to taste


Mix all ingredients and bind them with little water to make dough. Divide the dough into equal proportions. Place a plastic sheet on the rolling board and roll the theplas. Take care not to roll them too thin. Now heat a non stick pan and add a little ghee and roast the theplas till golden brown on both sides. Serve with green chutney and curds. Enjoy!