Biotin-Rich Foods For Healthy Hair & Nails

Suffering from unexplained hair fall & weak nails? Moreover, have you noticed a itchy/red scaly scalp? If you have ruled out other factors, Biotin deficiency may be the underlying reason. A water soluble vitamin, biotin helps provide energy & maintain our overall health. In addition, it is also required for healthy hair & nails. Did you know that biotin was initially kwon as vitamin H? However, currently it is classified as vitamin B7. Also available in form of oral supplements due to its beneficial properties for healthier hair and nails, one should try to consume biotin-rich foods daily. Let's look at biotin-rich foods for healthy hair & nails.

How can I get more biotin?

Biotin is not stored by our body, hence one needs to consume biotin-rich foods vegetarian and non vegetarian daily. It promotes keratin production that helps in maintain hair & nail health. As a matter of fact, the recommended dosage is 30 micrograms (mcg) per day from sources- diet & supplements. Importantly, do check with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Vegetarian biotin-rich foods for hair growth & healthy nails:


Loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids, avocados are biotin-rich. Moreover, depending on size of avocado consumed, one can get even 1/3 rd. of the daily recommended biotin intake. Truly, a delicious way to enjoy healthy hair and nails! Avocados are so helpful in soothing multiple hair woes that experts even recommend in applying a nourishing mashed avocado mask to for dry hair. 

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Which fruit contains biotin? The answer is bananas. A great source of fiber for a happy gut & potassium for healthy heart, bananas are a good source of this vitamin too. 

How much biotin in a banana: One medium size banana contains approx. 0.2 mcg biotin.

Seeds & Nuts:

Seeds & nuts like sunflower seeds contain a good amount of biotin. Furthermore, nuts like almonds, pecan nuts, peanuts & walnuts contain biotin as well. Add these to your daily diet to maintain overall health as well as for shiny hair & healthy nails.

Non-vegetarian biotin-rich foods for hair growth & healthy nails:

Egg yolks:

Egg yolks are a great source of biotin. Also, if someone is curious as to , "how much biotin in eggs?" the answer is approx. 10 mcg or roughly 30% of recommended daily intake. Do cook eggs thoroughly to improve biotin absorption.

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Studies show that most of the biotin is stored in liver. Hence, few meats including chicken liver are a good source. Include chicken liver in your diet in form of delicious Indian style liver fry, liver masala or in burgers.

Now if you are looking to answer, "what foods have biotin for hair growth?" hope this article helps.  So, which foods rich in biotin do you include in your daily diet? Tell us in the comments section


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