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Health Benefits Of Black Pepper- A Versatile Spice

A versatile spice with warm earthy taste, black pepper has been used in India since times immemorial. As a matter of fact, this spice was known as "black gold" and a symbol of wealth in Ancient Rome. One of the earliest commodity to be traded across the world, black pepper is truly the king of spices. From adding a spicy kick to bland dishes to being a surprising companion in a few desserts, this spice is found in every kitchen. Let's talk about the health benefits of black pepper. However, to reap the many benefits try using the variety grown without or with minimal pesticides. May Help Prevent Cancer: Loaded with antioxidants, consuming black pepper helps maintaining overall health. Additionally, it also helps reduce the damage caused by free radicals, which may help reduce the risk of cancer. The vitamin A present, also helps reduce cancer risk. Now, did you know this health benefit of black pepper? Also read: Beverages & Drinks Rich In Antioxidants Aids In Weight

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