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Easy Delicious Recipes With Fresh Tomatoes

Juicy red tomatoes are a treat to look at. Not only are they pulpy but also add flavor to a variety of dishes. In addition, tomatoes make the immune system healthy, boost collagen production & help strengthen eyesight. The presence of lycopene & vitamin A makes it a pleasurable addition to our daily diet. However, we often buy these in abundance & wonder " what can I do with lot of tomatoes ?"   Worry not, here are a few easy delicious recipes with fresh tomatoes.  Tomato curry recipe: Made with fresh tomatoes & select Indian spices, this curry will be a definite crowd pleaser.  Clean & chop two cups fresh tomatoes. Next, add oil in  kadhai. Now, add cumin seeds, curry leaves, pinch of hing, chopped ginger & garlic. Sauté till aromatic. Next, add 1/2 cup chopped onion. Cook till translucent. Next, add one tbsp. besan & roast till aromatic. Further, add spice powders like turmeric, red chili powder, coriander powder & cook. Add chopped tomatoes

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