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Body Cooling Foods & Drinks: How To Cool Down Internal Body Heat

Eating popsicles & ice creams during summers is a delight. However, think twice before you reach for these sugary treats. Although, icy treats provide relief from the heat, they are not a very healthy option. Body cooling foods & drinks like banana, watermelon, cucumber, coconut water according to Ayurveda are healthy as they help keep us hydrated. Moreover, they also help replenish the electrolytes in the body that may be lost due to excessive sweating. So, stop reaching out for ice cubes & include these body cooling foods & drinks in your summer diet that help cool down internal body heat. In addition, to cool down body internally, do include these foods in your daily diet. Also, during summers try & avoid  food that causes heat in the body like garlic, onion, oily spicy curries, peanuts. Eating seasonal ingredients is one of the best way  to reduce body heat immediately. However, do eat these foods at room temperature rather than chilled for better results. What

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