Review - New Re-harvested Menu At Olive Bar & Kitchen

When Olive Bar & Kitchen turns 17, its time to rejoice and usher in change! And what better than incorporating changes in the food menu and introducing a delicious revamped bar program. A double treat for patrons who love celebrating amidst its famous chic bohemian ambiance.

We stepped in and felt instantly at ease amongst the white washed walls, aglow with twinkling lights and comfortable seating. The crisp air complimented the soft music as we looked around and spotted a kitchen garden and asked Head Chef Rishim Sachdeva for a tour. Herbs, shrubs and microgreens adorned the happy space and we looked forward to tasting delicious dishes, made or flavored with these earthy treats. Inside a pickle bar has been added to cater to Chef Rishim’s love for cooking with pickled and fermented ingredients.

We settled down to dine al-fresco and try the new menu that primarily uses local ingredients with a stress on organic approach. As we flipped the pages of the new menu we noted that it offered modern, edgy dishes with clean international flavors and a focus on traditional preservation methods (pickling, salting, fermenting and more). An extensive new cocktail menu, created by industry veteran John Leese promotes ‘slow’ approach to promptly-prepared drinks. Each drink on the beverage menu is designed in a way that it can be paired with every dish on the menu, offering a huge selection to patrons.

Aperol Chic

Garden of Eden

We started with Trio of Beetroot salad- a treat for vegans. Three ways cooked beetroot (braised, pickled and roasted) paired with coconut carpaccio and topped with creamy coconut-yogurt and spicy serrano chili and pepper salsa was a real treat!

From the appetizers section, we tried Cauliflower and Leek- florets of cauliflower cooked three ways in leek oil,served with served with leek XO sauce and roasted cacao nibs. A real different way to enjoy the humble cauliflower! The Sweet Potato Gnocchi - gnocchi made with roasted organic sweet potatoes, topped with sweet potato puree, seasonal peas and flavored with in-house herbs.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

The slow-braised, slow-cooked Pork Belly (cooked sous vide), flavored with nduja (Japanese spices), was soft and delicious and paired well with carrot puree and popcorn.

For mains, we tried the pan seared Reef Cod, served with nettle and spinach puree (yes...the wild-grown stinging nettle), radish in orange emulsion and a red wine -vinegar beetroot-garlic salsa.

For desserts we tried a platter of signature desserts. Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart- a delicious combination of caramel and chocolate with the right hint of saltiness that was not too over powering. The Chilled Apple Crumble- with compressed fresh apple, caramelized apple puree and walnut crunch was a personal favorite. The Water Chocolate and Apricot Kernels - a chef's favorite dessert made with bitter chocolate infused apricot kernels served with creamy apricot kernel ice cream, chocolate soil and sauce.

Water Chocolate and Apricot Kernels

Head to Olive Bar & Kitchen, straight from work? Indulge in some bar food like Crisp Fried Mussels, Salmon Tartine (smoked salmon slices on sourdough bread) or slow cooked Lamb Puffs. Pair them with delicious well-balanced pours made with muddled herbs (yes, from the kitchen garden) and shrubs, in-house infusions and more. Enjoy a huge variety of non-alcoholic beverages too, if you like to abstain. The new menu offers a wide variety to choose from hearty soups, delicious pizzas, tasty pastas, risottos and decadent desserts.

If you love well balanced dishes, prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and right cooking techniques and flavors of home-grown produce, head to Olive Bar & Kitchen and indulge in the new menu, just like we did.

Olive Bar & Kitchen, 14, Nargis Dutt Road, Union Park, Khar West, Next to Tourist Hotel, Mumbai-400052

How Much You Pay For A Meal For Two-
Inr 4000 plus taxes approx

12:30–3:30PM, 7:30PM–1AM

090229 55712


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