Easy Beer Cocktails

It’s the run-up to the end of the year and with Christmas just around the corner it will soon be party time!. Here are some easy beer cocktails to serve at your next get-together.

Beer Punch:
Mix 360 ml of sprite, 2 1/2 cups of pineapple juice and six cans of your preferred beer in a pitcher. Throw in sliced limes and oranges for some eye candy.

Bulls Eye:
For this popular Cuban cocktail squeeze the juice of 3 limes into a glass. Add a can of light beer and ginger ale. Add 2-2 tablespoons of sugar, mix well and serve with lots of ice.

Moisten the rim of a glass with salt/chilli powder mixture. Fill the glass with ice and add tomato juice, tabasco, soy sauce, lime juice and tequila. Stir to mix. Then top with a Mexican beer and give it a quick stir. Squeeze your lime wedges over the top and drop into the glass. Enjoy!

This is a simple version of Michelada. Prepare a salt rim on a glass, add ice and quarter cup of lime juice and then top it up with a Mexican beer.

A Shandy is pure pleasure and the easiest to make with half-beer and half-lemonade. Mix a lighter beer with lemon soda such as sprite or regular lemonade. You can also use ginger beer, ginger ale, apple or orange juice.

Disclaimer: This post caters to audience above 25 years of age. Alcohol consumption is injurious to health, drink responsibly, don't drink and drive.