Boosting Your Child’s Immunity With ActivKids Immuno Boosters

My eight year old nephew, Anurag, is adored by my whole family. He loves studies, outdoors and engaging in active sports. And like most children, hates fruits & vegetables, missing out on activities, school time and falling ill. Often his mom (yes, my adorable sister) and I talk about the tricks she indulges in, while getting Anurag to eat something healthy. As she celebrates the joys of motherhood, she also has to face various challenges like ensuring a wholesome healthy diet for the apple of her eyes. Being very close to my sister, I am quite involved in my nephew’s day to day activities.  

One day, I came across a unique campaign #YesMom with an underlying message that strong immunity lays the foundation of healthy kids. Moms usually lack the confidence to say ‘Yes’ to a lot of things desired by kids out of concern for their health. For example, no to playing outdoors or during rains due to concern for their health and well-being. By strengthening their immune system, the challenge of keeping them healthy does not formulate into a constant worry. I decided to know more and stumbled across a new product that helps build immunity in kids, formulated by scientists of Cipla, leaders in pediatric care in India- ActivKids Immuno Boostersthe brand that had launched the #YesMom campaign.

According to research, kids in India receive less than 50% RDA (required dietary allowance) of key immunity boosting nutrients. In addition, pollution and lack of time for exercise, contributes to lower immunity and that in turn affects body’s efficiency to tackle seasonal changes as well as various infections. ActivKids Immuno Boosters, allows kids to receive up to 100% RDA of key nutrients, thus helping them build immunity and lead an active lifestyle. And want to know the best part? ActivKids Immuno Boosters comes in a tasty choco-bite format without any need to mix in milk or water.

Excited, I called my sister to tell her all about my findings. I landed at her place with a pack of ActivKids Immuno Boosters, suitable for age groups 7 year plus ( the product is available in two formats- suitable for two age groups of 4-6 years and 7 year plus). Anurag loves gifts and excitedly opened the pack as we waited in anticipation to note his reaction. He gingerly tasted the product and loved it!!!! The choco-bite, ready-to-eat format was a big hit with Anurag and my sister hugged me happily. ActivKids Immuno Boosters comes loaded with 11 nutrients that help build immunity and reduce the impact of environmental factors and pollution on a child’s development.

Every day, Anurag reaches out to his choco-bite of immunity boosters without any cajoling from his mom or any other family members - a true delight!!! With every bite, he gets a good dose of essential Vitamins like A, D3, C, Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and more and nutrients like Zinc and Iron. One bite of ActivKids Immuno Boosters is what is required to make everyone smile as we watch him grow day by day!

You can buy the product on Amazon.

 For all you moms who are tempted to use the product for your kids after listening to my story, you can find it here The TV ad is also out there. Have a look.


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