Lip-smacking Food At Shalimar Dhaba In Mumbai

The quote "You have to taste a culture, to understand it" cannot stand more true than in our beloved country-India. Miles are covered in search of that perfect cup of piping hot tea along with spicy samosas or to savor crusty parathas with dal tempered with desi ghee! Ah, and don't forget the journeys undertaken to enjoy specialty desserts, found in every corner. And what best way but to enjoy these delights at a dhaba- modest roadside eating joints that offer delicious rustic flavors to everyone- from the modern discerning traveler to a tired truck driver. 

Eating at a dhaba during winter months is our favorite activity. We shun the air-conditioned interiors of five stars/restaurants and step out to enjoy the cozy and open ambience of dhabas. As the year winds down, we slow our pace and plan interesting journeys with inevitable stops at our favorite dhabas to feed our hungry souls. Here is more about our jouney to have lip-smacking food at Shalimar Dhaba in Mumbai.

One such winter morning, we decided to visit Shalimar Dhaba, located on the Mumbai-Nashik highway that offers delectable food in rustic settings. The dhaba, located around 110 km from Mumbai, consists of two levels, with families choosing to sit on the higher level with comfortable seating area. Sit on spacious table and chairs or opt for cozy "khatiya" style seating with fluffy cushions.

The menu comprises of soups, starters and main course dishes prepared in Mughlai or Indo-Chinese style. The chicken dishes are prepared with freshly cut chicken and take sometime to come to your table but are worth the wait!!!

We started with some "masala chaas" (buttermilk) and a starter called "dry fruit chicken". Made with chicken, this sweet and spicy preparation came served with loads of cashews and in huge quantities. Though not boneless, it was tasty.

For main course we chose, "Gavthi Chicken" (village style chicken curry made with select Indian spices) and paired it with fluffy "Jeera Rice" (steamed rice tempered with cumin seeds). The chicken tasted divine and nothing like we had ever tasted before!! The meat was juicy and lean and the copious amount of spicy curry paired well with rice. We ordered more glasses of cooling masala chaas with our food and ate till we could eat no more!!! The helpful staff helped us pack the remaining curry, which we relished the next day with some hot parathas.

The dessert menu is quite small and offers seasonal fruits served with cream and a few flavors of ice cream. The menu is huge but visit in large groups so you can sample multiple dishes as the portions are huge.

What are your favorite dhabas in your city? Tell us in the comments section.