Travel to your favorite international destinations and roam worry-free  

I landed in UAE dreaming of days spent shopping in luxurious malls, relishing a melange of global cuisines & wrapping up evenings enjoying a throbbing nightlife. I breezed through immigration, feeling very confident on my first trip abroad. After collecting my luggage, I moved towards the arrival hall trying to spot a placard holding smiling driver sent by my hotel. I tried to remain calm as I searched for my ride for the first few minutes. Panic slowly ate into my confidence as I stood in the deserted arrival area past midnight for a long time. Traveling abroad for the first time, I had acted on advise from others & decided to buy a local sim card to avoid expenses. What I had not prepared was to be left stranding in an unknown country. My family was waiting to hear about my safe arrival & I wanted to reach my hotel safely. The thought to buy the local sim from the airport did not occur to me on my way out as all arrangements with the hotel had been made. And now I was stranded!!

Gorgeous Views Of  Marina Promenade, Dubai

Over the next few years, I traveled to various countries but frequently to UAE, Singapore & USA. These three countries have also emerged as a favorite among Indian travelers due to various factors as depicted by this info-graphic.

Singapore & Dubai due to proximity from India when one has limited time off from work, budget consideration & the glamorous sights they have to offer & USA among students seeking higher education & business travelers.

View From Tallest Building In Dubai- Bhurj Khalifa

But one thing remained constant during these travels- the need to stay connected became more & more critical. Finding the exact location of the coffee shop I heard so much about, booking a cab, checking on my family back home, making monetary transactions...all this could be easier if I could stay connected! Also, I wanted better plans on my existing number so that I could do away with the need to buy a local sim card. 

At The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Whether you are a student traveling to USA, an entrepreneur visiting clients in Singapore or a leisure traveler to Dubai, the smart phone becomes an indispensable asset & staying connected is critical while traveling, as we have replaced paper with data in almost every respect. But many a times we refrain from using international roaming, as we find the proposition expensive. Also, the plans & their pricing are so complex, we may as well solve the Rubik cube faster. Here are a few tips about mobile connectivity that shall help you during your travels:

But what if you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the world & use high speed data while traveling in USA, UAE and Singapore at just INR 2,500 for 7-days? Now how’s that for convenience?

At The Iconic Yosemite National Park, California

For travelers to popular destinations- USA, UAE and Singapore, Vodafone has introduced an international roaming proposition- i-Roam Free with zero riders & no hidden costs.

Glimpses of Gorgeous & Rare Orchids at Singapore Orchid Garden

The plan offers home-like tariffs while roaming in these 3 countries on your existing number so that you stay connected, make calls & use data. Now no more thinking before using Google Maps to find the perfect restaurant for the dream date, checking in on  Facebook, booking a cab or sending images of souvenirs on Whats App.

Taking a Stroll At Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

If travel at first is supposed to make you speechless & slowly turn you into a story teller, staying connected is the most important part so that you can share the travel story seamlessly!


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