Top 5 reasons why gifting food is a good idea

Dusshera, Diwali, Bhai Duj, Chhat, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s…Yeaa! The festive season is here! This is probably the best time of the year when people from all communities get a chance to celebrate some of their most awaited festivals.

Festivals across the world are associated with sweets, fire crackers, flowers, chocolates, champagne and all the other good things of life. India is no different when it comes to festive celebrations. During this season, we love to be loud and turn into big time spendthrifts. The most of the spending is done for either buying the loudest of fire crackers (at least most of the people I know do that!:)) or for purchasing special gifts for our beloved friends and family members! However, we have noticed that it’s selecting and buying of such gifts that ties everyone into knots.

Many friends ask us for our advice on what to buy and we always tell them, buy something to eat! Yes, you heard (read?) that right. The way to every person’s heart is through his or her stomach. All other things are secondary. Now you would be thinking why gifting food items is such a good idea! Let us list out some pretty basic reasons and maybe you will end up nodding your heads with these reasons.

1.    Food items have great shelf life!

Unless you plan to gift sweets or fruits, mostly all other packaged food items have a great shelf life, usually ranging from 3 months 12 months. In fact Godrej’s Nature Basket has come out with a great range of items that have an amazing shelf life. I have recently gifted their Dry Fruit Hamper (Medium) to my aunt and the look of appreciation on her face was priceless! The hamper contained an assortment of rich dark chocolate, tender apricots and almonds, whole dried cranberries in a beautiful pack. And all of this for a meagre Rs. 1,348/-! I couldn’t haved asked for more.

2.    Chocolates are everyone’s favorites! 

If you want to impress someone and plan on gifting a special gift to him or her, make sure that you gift the person something that includes chocolates! Yes. Whatever the occasion, chocolates never fail to impress anyone. Half the battle is already won if you gift some best quality chocolates to that special someone! Nature’s Basket has just the right thing for you. Check out their Festive Celebration Hamper (Medium) priced at Rs. 3,367/- that contains a selection of gourmet goodies, including dark chocolates, flavored dry fruits, crunchy nachos, hot n spicy salsa, and chocolate coated nuts—all packed in a beautiful pack! This surely is going get you some brownie points.

3.    Food items are consumed and not forwarded

If you are gifting something to someone, you would rather want it to be used by him instead of being forwarded by him to someone else! When a gift pack includes food items, they would more often than not be consumed by the recipient. However, you need to make sure that the gift that you give is tempting and yummy enough that it doesn’t just pass on from hand to hand and is consumed fast enough by your loved ones. I recently got one such Nature’s Basket hamper from a dear friend and me and my family just couldn’t resist keeping our hands off from the delicious snacks of the hamper. It was the Mexican Cuisine hamper, which included a long list of yummy delights like the delicious Mexican beans, fresh avocados, hot salsa, tangy jalapenos, crunchy nachos, tortillas, sour cream, fresh corn on cob etc.

4.    Food gifts fit every budget

Unlike some fancy pieces that usually gather dust in one’s shelf, food gifts don’t require a fortune to buy. You can buy any food gift that fits your budget. In fact, Nature’s basket provides numerous options to choose from and you can pick up any gift depending on the amount that you intend to spend, from as low as a few hundreds to a few thousands. To tell you a secret, I plan to give a wonderful gift hamper from Nature’s Basket to my better half. She is a coffee lover and I found just the perfect gift, the Coffee Treat Hamper Medium to satisfy her coffee cravings and the best thing is that it perfectly fits my budget. (Don’t smirk! you ought to have a budget for gifts for your partner too :) ). The hamper includes some fine coffee selections, delectable shortbread cookies, chocolate coated nuts, and flavored sugar. All this for just Rs. 2,699/-. Believe me, it’s a steal deal!

5.    Food gifts are healthy

This is actually the top most reason why you should be gifting food items to your loved ones. However, we have kept it at the end so that it has a long-lasting effect on you and you retain this reason for a longer time! There’s nothing better than giving healthy gifts like fruits to the people you love. Not only will they like them tremendously, their health will also benefit from such gifts.  Again, you don’t have to look out for such gifts in the open market and roam around to get a hamper made for the fruits you select. Nature’s Basket comes to your rescue here too. You can buy their Fruity Celebrations Large hamper, which includes a mix of fresh and refreshing fruits from around the world all packed in an elegant basket ready to be gifted. Decently priced at Rs. 2700/-, you can select it with closed eyes!

We just listed 5 top reasons why you should be gifting food this and all the next festive seasons (or even otherwise). Although, the reasons are endless, we just listed a few here. We are sure that all these reasons are not new to you, and you already knew them all along. However, you may not have ever thought about them from a gifting point of view. So, go ahead and select the reason(s) you agree to most and identify the gift that goes along with that reason. In fact, Nature’s Basket provides a lot many gifting options and we just mentioned a few. Check out their website ( for many more food-based gifts ready in an exquisite pack waiting to be picked.


  1. Infact it is the best idea to gift something that appeases the taste buds

  2. No doubt food is the best gifting option ... Specially during this festive season

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