First Look: The Tipsy Terrace At Grand Sarovar Premier, Mumbai

We are not easily tempted. But the promise of good food presented in chic and modern interiors of an open-air restaurant can tempt! Tempt us enough to make us travel to the busy suburb of Goregaon in Mumbai. And if Wicked Spoon Confessions was one of the first few to take a sneak peak…the temptation reaches epic proportions. We have always told you, there is something about restaurant openings that gets us excited. 

What You See:

Step onto the Tipsy Terrace and one sees tastefully decorated open area with colorful lights, water bodies, few plants and a Television screen near the entrance. The seating is a mix of comfortable tables and chairs and few booths with red cushy sofas.

The Relaxed, Comfortable & Eclectic Interiors of Tipsy Terrace

Our first thoughts were like “What a perfect place to chill out with friends.” Only a few table were occupied….we told you we were one of the first to take a sneak peak :)

What You Get:

As the name Tipsy Terrace suggests, is a place to unwind with a well stocked bar and bartenders preparing some potent cocktails. We found the bar menu amusing with 30ml peg, 90ml Patiala peg to Quarter style measures, perfect for small to large group of friends. The food menu is an interesting mix of starters and finger food to nibble on as you chatter with friends. For the main course, one can indulge in Biryanis, curries with Indian breads and desserts. 

We ordered a Mojito pitcher and settled back looking at the night sky. For starters, we sampled Chicken Tandoori Pili Pili, marinated chicken leg served in a special tandoor that infused smoky flavors to enhance the taste. The yellow marination was spicy in right proportions and the chicken was juicy till the last bite.

The Mojito Pitcher at Tipsy Terrace

The Unique Presentation of Chicken Tandoori Pili Pili

Next, the Jhinga China- schezwan tossed prawns served with Kerala style poppadums were devoured and made a personal favorite in no time.

Chicken Tikka Masala Fry- marinated chicken chunks, deep-fried and served in taco shells were tasty but the taco shells lacked that crunch we crave.

Chicken Tikka Masala Fry at Tipsy Terrace.

The Kakori kebabs were extra soft and Keema Pav and Anda Bhurji Pav reminded us of our college days.

Kakori Kebabs at Tipsy Terrace.

Keema Pav at Tipsy Terrace

Anda Bhurji Pav at Tipsy Terrace

The highlight of the evening was the Gosht Biryani served in a matka (earthen pot) covered with fluffy roti that seals in the flavors. Long grained rice cooked with succulent lamb pieces in select Indian spices, made our day….or rather evening :)

For the dessert we chose Gulkand Gulab Jamun- deep fried sweet dumplings and Caramel Custard, both served beautifully.

The Gulab Jamun won us over with a Gulkand filled soft center and thick sugary syrup- a perfect way to end our evening.


Tipsy Terrace rustles up some good dishes with subtle fusion elements that do not take away much from the original taste. A special mention to Jhinga China and Chicken Tandoori Pili Pili for their lush, juicy and delectable flavors. Every dish is presented beautifully and boasts a good portion size. If you are looking for a good open-air restaurant with great atmosphere and reasonable prices in the suburbs, Tipsy Terrace should be your choice. The food and bar menu is not large, but is varied enough to keep large groups entertained. The highlight of the evening was the BC Jukebox app that makes playing your choice of music a child’s play.

Be The DJ of Your Table at Tipsy Terrace

Choose from a variety of songs and get to be the DJ for your table…. how cool is that?


2nd Floor,
Grand Sarovar Premier
Junction of SV Road & Veer Savarkar Flyover,
Goregaon West,
Mumbai 400062

Open From: 19:30 hrs to 23:30 hrs every evening

Call: 022 4218000 (EXT: 1014)


  1. gr8 review. Seems like an awesome place. Apart from the food, the highlight definitley is the innovative DJing through BC app! Cheers.


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