Festive Gifts for Loved Ones

Our favorite time is here. November and December; also known as the Saturday and Sunday of the year bring in joy with festivities all around. Family get-togethers are planned, lights twinkle in every home, new friends are made and gifts are exchanged. We wait for this time all year long; because this is the only time even our bosses don’t mind us taking a few days off!!! Everyone is high on energy, there is happiness on every face and we can’t wait to shower our close ones with gifts. And Indian festivals are incomplete without sharing food- mithai, dry fruits, chocolates…everything is welcome.

But the niggling question raises its head, every year. The desire to gift something unique is so strong that it sends us into frenzy!! There are always a few special people, who are tough to please. Some run away at mention of mithai fearing calories, a few have only organic food and yet others want to enjoy as much sugar rush as possible.

Recently, while on one such Gifting treasure hunt we came across Godrej Nature’s Basket range of gift hampers and gift sets. We got curious and started browsing. The more we browsed the more we got excited. These bespoke hampers were filled with such exotic and gourmet goodies that it would leave a lasting impression on some tough cookies like:

The Bittersweet Ma-in-Law- Some days she’s strict, often she’s a blessing in disguise. This unique relationship needs to be handled with care, affection and…gifts! Filled with exotic goodies like luscious chocolates, crunchy nachos, exotic dry fruits, fresh fruit preserve and more, the Festive Celebration Hamper is perfect to sweeten this relationship.

The Health Conscious Cousin - We all have that younger cousin, who drinks honey lemon water every morning, loves the gym and eats only after counting calories. The Organic Gourmet Hamper boasts of high quality organic products like healthy cookies, jams, juice, honey and fine teas to welcome festivities the healthy way. 

The Loving Spouse- Admit it. Long working hours, running after the kids and planning for the future has kept you busy all year. This is the time to shower your spouse with extra attention with sweet gestures and the Choco Delight Hamper lets you do it in style. Creamy and crunchy Belgian pralines and chocolates, jujubes, swirl pops and crispy potato chips add sweet and spice to this loving relationship. 

The Pesky Neighbor- We can love them, hate them but we can’t ignore them. Our neighbors are extended family that stays with us through thick and thin. Many delightful afternoons are spent gossiping over tea and nibbles. The Chic Tea Gift Box has a select tea flavor, delectable fine honey and see mix to ensure good times with our neighbors.

This festive season share your fine taste and pamper your loved ones with these elegantly crafted gourmet hampers by Nature’s Basket. Wrap them in your love and see them burst with joy. It’s true that the most valuable presents are not costly…they are priceless!! So this Festive season, break away from the usual and spread the love for food everywhere. What’s more you can customize these hampers too, by adding your unique touch at a Nature’s Basket store near you.


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