Gift Yourself Happiness with ASUS Zenfone

Diwali- the festival of lights brings in a lot of joy and cheer in our lives. Tiny diyas are lit symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness, special Indian mithais are made, new outfits are bought and my favorite part- gifts are exchanged. I love buying gifts all year round for my loved ones but the gifts I select during Diwali are special. My mom & dad who look resplendent in their new outfits, award me with such a dazzling smile when they find their gifts that I hide in their wardrobes….that it lights up my Diwali ! My younger cousins all rise early and dress in finery because every year I gift a special something to “The best dressed girl” & “The most handsome boy”. In fact the competition to win has became intense and so has been my desire to gift something that can bring unlimited happiness in my loved ones lives.

Many a times, Ma has over the years asked me about why I love gifting others so much? The answer is simple- It’s the look of pure joy on the faces on my loved ones!! The surprise of receiving a shiny package, neatly wrapped with love & care, the equal impatience with which its torn open to the ecstasy of finding something coveted inside…the happiness this ritual brings me is immeasurable. In fact, I love gifting more than receiving :)

This Diwali too, the ritual will be unchanged, but for a teeny tiny fact that I already know what I will be gifting Ma. Every year ten days or so before Diwali, I reminiscence about the year gone by and conjure hidden memories about my loved ones wish lists.

Last year, it was a Poochampalli saree, just like the one maasi had worn, for Dad- headphones, for the younger siblings it was MP3 players. This year Ma will be receiving a brand new ASUS Zenfone. I know how much Ma loves talking to her family and how dad worries about her, when she goes alone in the market and gets late during her shopping trips. A phone will ensure she stays connected and call me anytime- because she says every moment spent talking to her daughter is equal to Har Pal Happiness.

And there is a little more to it too :) The best part is that I will get a chance to Gift Myself Happiness too. How? Well, Asus "Har Pal Happiness Offer” gives you a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000 every hour and one lucky customer gets a chance to win gold vouchers worth Rs.25,000 every day. Now isn’t that Oh-so-awesome? Being a big foodie, I would love to buy gourmet food from the voucher or who knows maybe I win the big-ticket prize too.

So, go ahead and Gift Yourself Happiness this Diwali with Asus Zenphone- you not only spread cheer in your loved ones lives, you get a chance to walk away with a gift too. Now that’s what I call #HarPalHappiness.