Vaya Preserve Review- Compact & Stackable Storage Jars For Your Kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of every home. Large or small, fancy or utilitarian, kitchen is the hub where meals are prepared & conversations are shared. Moreover, kitchen is an integral space that buzzes with energy and fills with different aromas throughout the day. Today, kitchens are more than designated cooking spaces with evolving home designs. Also used for entertaining and enjoying family meals, they flow naturally into other spaces like living rooms. And with changing kitchen designs, we need better storage solutions. Also, ones that take less space, are multi-purpose and are great on aesthetics too! Something like the compact and stackable storage jars- Vaya Preserve.

After remodeling my kitchen, I was on a lookout for handy storage jars that would help organize without taking up too much space. Besides, I loved the idea of storing various spices, masalas, cereals and homemade snacks in stainless steel or glass containers. However, my only worry was breakage that may take place with glass containers. Equally, the plain stainless steel containers did not appeal to me. Moreover, Ma always painstakingly prepared batches of spice mixes- garam masala, sambar powder, curry mix that needed to be preserved. That's when Vaya Preserve came to my rescue.

What is Vaya Preserve:

Vaya Preserve are food-grade, compact, stackable storage jars that help organizing kitchens. Moreover,  they come in two sizes- 500 ml and 300 ml. Designed for easy stack-ability, the storage jars come with good quality stainless steel body and double-walled insulation. Furthermore, this helps keep your cooking ingredients fresh for long periods. Moreover, Vaya’s VacuTherm Technology helps preserve cooked food relish later or on the go! Now that's called multi-tasking.   

How I Use Vaya Preserve:

I like ordering a variety of pulses and grains in small batches. Hence, I found the 500 ml jars perfect to store grains/pulses and easily organize due to their stack-ability and the 300 ml jars great for spices and homemade masalas. In addition, one can store chutneys, sauces and jams in the small sized jars too.

Somedays, I make my favorite recipe of Thai curry and rice in the mornings and preserve in the jars to relish them later. During winter month's, Ma makes her irresistible Gajar Halwa that tastes best when relished hot. With Vaya Preserve its easy to carry it back home as its leak-proof lid avoids spillage and helps us enjoy it the way its supposed to- Hot & Fresh. 

These Storage jars like other Vaya products are made with BPA-Free material. Besides, stack them neatly and keep your cooking ingredients fresh for long duration. Moreover, you can also craft meals in advance and keep them fresh and hot/cold for up to 6 hours. How about making your friend's favorite Biryani recipe and surprising her, or visiting mom with her favorite dessert and enjoy it fresh and cold?

Vaya Preserve comes in attractive colors like gold, purple, black and graphite in sets of four, two or one units. With prices starting at INR 1090, Vaya Preserve offers a great food storage solution. To know more about how to utilize Vaya Preserve for your kitchen needs, click here

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