DIY Recipe: How To Make Garam Masala Powder

An unique blend of spices, Garam Masala Powder is an essential ingredient in Indian kitchens. It flavors our curries and true to it name imparts "warmth" when consumed. Though Garam Masala Powder is easily available in markets, there is something more appealing about making your own blend. Dry roasted spices are ground to a fine powder, filling our kitchens with a delicious aroma.....happy days!!

The spices used to make Garam Masala Powder have many health benefits. Cinnamon is anti inflammatory, cumin seeds are good for digestion, coriander seeds help in controlling blood sugar levels, peppercorn strengthen the immune system and many more. The trick in making an aromatic and delicious Garam Masala Powder lies in getting the proportions of spices used in correct measures. There are many variations of making Garam Masala Powder and Wicked Spoon Confessions brings you one easy DIY recipe that you shall love:

Cumin seed: 250 gms
Coriander seeds: 100 gms
Peppercorn: 150 gms
Cloves: 100 gms
Black cardamom: 50 gms
Green cardamom: 100 gms
Cinnamon stick: 50 gms
Nutmeg: 50 gms
Bay leaves: 50 gms
Mace: Few strands (optional)

  • Dry roast the spices separately on a mild flame. Once the spices impart a pleasant aroma, remove from flame to avoid burning.
  • Transfer to a round plate. Allow to cool completely.
  • Grind the spice mixture to a fine powder.         
  • Transfer to a clean airtight container.

Tip: Store your Garam Masala Powder in airtight containers in a cool and dry place. Go on and sprinkle this magical blend over gravies, biryanis, tikkas and curries!