Myths Behind Sending Roses To Girlfriend

Flowers are one of the best gift that you can give your girlfriend to convey your deep sentiments. From our history, old fables and some ancient myths, people derived the meaning of different flowers and about their different colors. Flowers are the epitome symbol of life, rebirth, and death. Some of these blooming buds signify birth and some colors of flowers signifies death and mourning. There is one flower-rose that signifies different things, but according to ancient stories it is mostly associated with love and romance. There are many stories behind beautiful flowers and today we are going to tell you about some famous myths about roses. These myths may inspire you to take a quick decision about sending flowers to Kolkata with free shipping to the girlfriends in your lives: 

Roses signify Beauty:
Roses signify many things and it has many different colors that include red, pink, and white. According to ancient Romans, these beautiful flowers signify beauty. When you want to tell your girlfriend that she is the most beautiful lady in the world, gift her some flowers. 

Associated With Goddesses:
Roses are the best way to convey to your girlfriend what are your feeling towards her and also what you are hiding inside your heart. To show your love, this is an easy way. According to the ancient Romans, roses are associated with Goddesses that include Venus and Aphrodite. These Goddesses are associated with desire and love.

Different color has Different Meanings:
As you all know that roses have different color and all these colors have different meanings. Every color signifies a different type of love. So when you are thinking of gifting flowers to your girlfriend then you have to keep some things in your mind. If you are giving red roses then it tells about the your deep romantic love and devotion towards someone. On the other hand if you are gifting pink roses to someone, then it symbolizes new love. So if you are a new couple, pink flowers are a perfect gift for her.

Roses are Close To Heart:
Throughout the history of civilization, flowers have stayed close to the hearts of many just like our loved ones. When you gift roses to your girlfriend, it signifies that she is very close to you and that she has a special place in your heart. This makes relationships stronger. From ancient times, people gift beautiful and gorgeous flowers to show what is hidden inside their heart. Sometimes people do not have words to convey what they really feel. But flowers on the other hand do not need any words to convey your sentiments to someone. They are enough to spread love all around.

Power of Smell of Roses:
Roses have an enchanting fragrance and there is an interesting story from ancient times about Cleopatra. She once filled her living quarters with the petals of roses and waited for her boyfriend-Marc Antony. She wished that whenever he would smell a rose later; its fragrance should remind him about her presence. This is the power of rose fragrance. If you gift roses online to your girlfriend, the enchanting fragrance shall remind her of you, every time!