Tuesday, 21 February 2017

10 Reasons to Love Finland & Why It Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

"Ask someone from Bollywood to shoot a couple of songs here", we quipped. The attentive audience nodded. It was our first night in Finland, a sparsely populated & stunningly beautiful country in Northern Europe. The discussion was about how Finland was yet to become popular among Indian travelers like the meadows of Interlaken,Switzerland. After touring "The Land of Thousand Lakes" & enjoying its calm wilderness, we tell you 10 reasons to start an love affair with Finland. We haven't even counted the reason that people in Finland love coffee more than anywhere in the world. Or the fact that Club Mahindra members can now enjoy a vacation in Finland via their membership, know more about it here

Image Courtesy: Visit Finland Photographer- Mikko Nikkinen

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Vaya Tyffyn - Carry homecooked meals in style

I have bitter-sweet memories of my lunchbox days in school. Sweet because it packed the goodness of a home cooked meal made lovingly by Ma at 5 am in the morning that ensured a fight between me & my classmates & bitter because my lunchbox never evolved in its looks. It stayed the same three- tiered steel carrier throughout my school, college & early office life. I wanted my lunchbox to look delicious inside & on the outside. Ma being a busy working woman chose to make innovative meals for me but put her foot down on packing my meals in plastic containers. No matter how attractive they looked. Bye bye Mickey Mouse & muscle flexing Popeye, we would not look overlook the health hazards of plastic containers in favor of good looks. I almost gave up on finding an aesthetically appealing lunchbox that kept my meals hot enough to outlast my fluctuating lunch times. Till now. Till I came across Vaya Tyffyn, a smart lunchbox that is high on utility & looks. Want to know more? Keep Reading :D

Friday, 10 February 2017

Recipe: Step by Step Undhiyu Recipe

A well known seasonal  mixed vegetable dish, Undhiyu is a staple preparation during winter months across Gujarati homes. Prepared in a single pot/casserole, undhiyu recipe calls for skilled hands & lots of patience. Undhiyu is primarily made in Surati or Kathiawadi styles or in an earthen pot (matlo in Gujarati) to lend rustic flavors.

There are couple of versions of Undhiyu. Parsis make Umberiyu by filling lightly marinated meat, brinjals & beans in an earthen pot & baking it under charcoal embers. Farmers across South Gujarat make Umbadiyu - a darker & smokier version with wild beans, purple yam, brinjals, potatoes & other seasonal vegetables marinated in green garlic & green chilies paste. (wanna know more? click here)

Ma makes a quicker version of Undhiyu & it's so irresistible we end up making batches of it for friends & family. Undhiyu recently was the star dish at a Potluck hosted at our place.

Here is a step by step recipe to making Undhiyu: