Health Benefits of Black Garlic - the New Superfood

Recently we tried an amazing black garlic dip at Luna Nudo Gusta, St Regis that had us raving for days & our interest in this new superfood piqued! This culinary wonder is making an appearance in many high- end restaurant menu & we decided to know more about it!! Loaded with health benefits & a robust healthy flavor, black garlic can be used to make dips, sauces, blended into pizza toppings. lentil dishes or can be served as an accompaniment with cheese or grilled meats & fish. Want to know more about this culinary "black gold"? Do not leave this page :D

What is Black Garlic?

Many believe that fermenting garlic slowly results in black garlic, but that's not the case!!! A Maillard reaction (chemical reaction between amino acids & sugars) that imparts foods like onions & garlic a peculiar color ranging from dark brown to black is responsible for producing black garlic cloves. Fermentation, on the other hand is a microbial reaction & is unrelated to black garlic.

Making black garlic at home requires a lot of patience but the layered & lingering fragrance of this "black gold" is worth the effort. Made by slow heating whole garlic bulbs (with the head intact) over a course of few days, black garlic is making an appearance across many restaurant menus. Popular across Asian kitchens, it can also be made at home in a rice cooker by keeping it on a "warm"setting.

Why Eat Black Garlic?

We became fans of the robust black garlic taste & digged around to find that there are many health benefits too!! The magical natural antibiotic "allicin" present in garlic, imparts it a "superfood" status & is present in black garlic too, minus the pungent odor & taste.

S-allylcysteine present in black garlic helps in better absorption of allicin that in turn offers protection against infections. The anti oxidants present in black garlic, help protect the cells from diseases & help slow down the aging process too.

Black garlic also has compounds that help combat the risk of cancer & help fight cholestrol problems too. Black garlic is rich in minerals like calcium, selenium & manganese & vitamins like Vitamin B6 & Vitamin C. Regular consumption of black garlic is also beneficial to our overall bone health.

Black garlic also aids in cleansing the body of heavy metals & toxins, boosting health. With a sweet, earthy flavour & robust health benefits, black garlic is making in roads into many kitchens. So when are you trying this wonder ingredient?


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